Man ordered to pay support for child who isn’t his

02/03/2015 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Detroit, MI – A child support order for a child who isn’t his has led to an arrest warrant being issued for a Detroit man. According to ABC news, in 1987 an ex girlfriend of Carnell Alexander had a child and was experiencing difficult times that led her to apply for public assistance. She was required to name a father for the child as a result, naming Alexander because she was unsure of who the real birth father was. Alexander did not find out about the situation until 1991 when he was stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation.

A falsified document submitted by the state was used to order the support. The document reportedly said that Alexander had been served papers at his home notifying him to come to a child support hearing. Alexander later proved that this was impossible because he was in prison at that time for a crime he was convicted of in his youth. Alexander also tracked down the woman and obtained a DNA test, which proved that he did not father the child.

In spite of the circumstances, the judge in the case ruled that Alexander owed back child support. Alexander says he is determined not to pay a penny of the money. In a video provided by ABC, Alexander stated, “I will go to jail if I have to because I am tired of the mishandling of the case.”

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