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Income inequality in Congress hot topic of debate

Much attention has recently been focused on the income disparity of workers in the Capitol.

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Supreme Court has heated debate over use of execution drug

The Supreme Court heavily debated the issue of whether a controversial execution drug should be banned.

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Twitter to become more aggressive in fighting abuse

The social media giant’s CEO has stated that more efforts will be made to fight off instances of abuse.

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White House lockdown ends following clearance for mystery package

A White House lockdown ended after a suspicious package was cleared.

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White House drone crasher a government employee

The pilot of a remote-controlled quadcopter that crashed into the White House recently was a government employee.

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Casey Kasem family releases medical records after Jean Kasem lawsuit

The medical records of the deceased entertainer have been released following a lawsuit filed by his widow.

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Facebook seeks to ‘unfriend’ DEA fake profile pages

The social network is seeking reassurance from the federal government agency that it would not operate fake profile pages in carrying out investigations.

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High court meets to consider taking cases related to state gay marriage bans

The U.S. Supreme Court met Monday to consider taking cases pertaining to states’ prohibiting gay marriage.

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New rules issued for reporting workplace deaths

The federal government has issued new rules for workplace death reporting.

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Over 1,200 giant African snails seized by USDA

The US Agriculture Department is attempting to stop the illegal buying and selling of the large snails in the country.

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