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What are Qui Tam Lawsuits?

The whistleblower lawyers at Keller Grover LLP explain the legal term Qui Tam.

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How to Do What’s Right and Stay Protected When There’s Fraud in Your Workplace

The whistleblower lawyers of Keller Grover discuss tools available to help an employee who discovers fraud in the workplace.

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Wisconsin Medicaid Fraud: Pharmaceutical company to pay $7.75MM in settlement

Legal News for Wisconsin Business Attorneys. Four pharmaceutical companies that allegedly defrauded the Wisconsin Medicaid program have settled the case. News for Wisconsin business lawyers- Four pharmaceutical

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Florida Defective Drug Litigators Report- Rue Ziffra Law Firm – Off-Label Pharmaceuticals Are a Cash Cow

deceptive trade practices, plaintiff lawyers, pharmaceutical giants, pharmaceutical industry, law firms, drug marketing, prescription drugs, whistle blower, antidepressant drugs,

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