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How To Respond to an EEOC Charge

Employment law attorney Keith Clouse discusses steps for employers to take after receiving an EEOC charge of discrimination

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Tips For Improving Workplace Investigations

Dallas employment attorney Keith Clouse shares some of the biggest mistakes employers make and how to avoid them

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Out With The Old Policies, In With A New Employee Handbook

Dallas employment attorney Keith Clouse describes several ways to improve outdated employee handbook policies

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Dallas Healthcare Service Corporation Pays $25,000 To Settle Discrimination Suit

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse discusses company’s recent settlement with the EEOC for disability discrimination claim

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Don’t Get Stuck Having To Pay For Volunteers This Holiday Season

Employment attorney Keith Clouse discusses situations where volunteers may be classified as “employees” under the FLSA

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Keith Clouse Dallas Lawyer for Employment Disputes

Top Reasons Cases Don’t Settle During Mediation

Dallas employment law mediator Keith Clouse outlines the biggest impediments to a successful mediation

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Why Workplace “Tattoo Discrimination” Is (Generally) Legal

Employment attorney Keith Clouse explains the reasons why employers can refuse to hire or terminate workers with visible tattoos

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Lowe’s Companies Sued for Disability Discrimination in Texas

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse discusses recent case filed by the EEOC and tips on how employers can limit potential liability for such suits

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Arbitration Agreements Explained by Dallas employment lawyer

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse outlines the significance of arbitration clauses in employment contracts

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Can You Fire Someone For Participating In Public Protests?

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse discusses employers’ rights to terminate employees for expressing their political ideologies

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