Tersigni Vision: what is refractive lens exchange?

Tersigni Vision: what is refractive lens exchange?


Tersigni Vision of Lake Oswego, OR recently published an article on the Exchange of refractive lenses (RLE) procedure they are offering to patients in the Portland area. The article talks about the procedure, explores its benefits, and answers frequently asked questions about the procedure.

According to the article, RLE is a popular alternative to LASIK surgery that can be used to treat age-related vision problems. As a person reaches and exceeds age 40, parts of the eye deteriorate and become less responsive, but the clinic says there are several solutions that can help, and RLE is just one of the options available to a patient . At Tersigni Vision, each patient is thoroughly examined during their initial consultation to determine if they are a good candidate for any of the available procedures, and the clinic will formulate a personalized treatment plan that takes into account all of their needs.

The article states, “Tersigni Vision offers the most vision correction options in Portland to keep your eyes youthful and your vision clear. Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), sometimes referred to as Custom Lens Replacement Surgery, is an attractive alternative to LASIK surgery that can help resolve age-related vision problems while eliminating the need for cataract surgery in the future.”

Early on in a person’s life, their lens is able to bend and manipulate the light in the eye so that they can effortlessly focus on nearby objects. Over time, this lens undergoes several changes and the resulting deterioration leads to a loss of near vision (known as presbyopia), which is when the patient begins to need reading glasses or bifocals. As the deterioration progresses, the lens also begins to harden and become yellow and cloudy, causing cataracts to form. Tersigni Vision says that this clouding disrupts the natural flow of light in the eye, affecting the patient’s quality of vision and the accuracy of his…

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