Ditto Transcripts publishes college basketball rankings for the worst

Ditto Transcripts publishes college basketball rankings for the worst


Denver, CO — Ditto Transcripts has revealed theirs NCAA Basketball Spelling Accuracy Rankings among all D-1 fan bases.

To measure the spelling accuracy of D-1 college basketball fans, Ditto analyzed hundreds of thousands of comment threads on popular Reddit forums owned by college basketball fans. Ditto looked at the number of misspellings per 100 words typed. Nothing gets the trash talking started more than when fans get their intelligence insulted by a fan from a competing school. And everyone knows it’s difficult to gain validity when commenting online when you have embarrassing misspellings.

The results of the worst spelling tests in college basketball may surprise you.

The worst spelling conference of the Power 5 conferences, according to Ditto, was the ACC. The Pitt Panthers lead the ACC with the highest percentage of misspellings, misspelling a whopping 38% of the words in their comments!

Just for fun, Ditto compared the current top 10 teams to their fans’ spelling rankings:

ranking fan Misspelling ratio of comments

North Carolina 35.14%

Gonzaga 23.21%

Houston 30.82%

Kentucky 25.68%

Kansas 23.62%

Baylor 19.75%

Duke 30.22%

UCLA 26.98%

Creighton 24.18%

Arkansas 27.83%

Interestingly, the Tarheels capture the number one spot as the nation’s leading preseason college basketball program and a fanbase with the most misspelled comments of any team in the top 10.

Are you ready to find out how your university fans did in this epic online college spelling checker? Read the full article here: Ditto transcripts worst spelling college basketball fans.

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