Autelmfg has launched the Autel Robotics evo ii 8k EVO II 640T

Autelmfg has launched the Autel Robotics evo ii 8k EVO II 640T


The autel robotics – evo ii portable 8k drone thermal drone is a very remarkable piece of technology. Also, it’s handy to have an AK because you can crop it. So maybe you weren’t as close as you thought. Now you can crop it and import the result into a 4k timeline. What’s more, your video will keep the same excellent resolution. And its thermal sensor is an amazing 640512. It’s pretty small and tiny. Regarding the zoom range of the zoom lens of this camera. In addition to eight k, you also get sixteen times the zoom range. The autel evo ii dual 640t is a powerful device that contains many innovative technologies.

“We really loved the Autel EVO II 64t Drone because it is easy to learn and easy to use with great image quality and video recording! We love the fact that it can be pre-programmed to capture a still or video sequence with multiple cameras each capturing different options, but the cameras are also interchangeable so any camera can be used by any operator!” Autelmfg customer Jacky said .

“That Autel EVOII 640T Price is an excellent drone for photography enthusiasts who want to capture great shots without investing a lot of money in equipment. We won’t charge you an arm or a leg for a camera that you can line up, shoot and be ready to go. says CEO of Autelmfg Innovations ALLEN.

The extremely safe Autel Robotics evo ii 8k 640t has 360 degree obstacle avoidance that surrounds it. Comparable to a seat belt or an airbag. The Autel drone is equipped with a variety of sensors around the fuselage, top, bottom, back and front. This autel robotics evo ii 8k has obstacle avoidance sensors everywhere you want to look which is another amazing feature. This will ensure the safety of your drone. And Robotics Evo II 8k EVO II 640T has Adsv built in, which means it will warn you if a plane is flying overhead or invading your airspace and prompts you to descend to the ground…


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