Waste sense in dealing with the environmental impact of music

Waste sense in dealing with the environmental impact of music


Festivals are a regular part of summer in Australia, but when thousands of people descend on a field to enjoy the sun and tunes, large volumes of waste are inevitable.

MELBOURNE, Australia – November 7, 2022 – (Newswire.com)

According to the guide in Waste Disposal Services Melbourne-wide, Waste Sense, while the culture of music festivals in Australia is important, the environmental impact must also be given serious consideration by festival organizers.

From plastics, paper and cardboard to contaminated packaging, glass and aluminium, festivals generate all kinds of waste and often it all ends up in landfill. As many locations do not have enough trash cans or cleaners to work throughout the festival, trash often ends up on the ground.

Waste Sense says for organizers, a few changes can have a big impact on a festival’s sustainability. Instead of plastic cups, reusable cups offer a greener alternative, along with refillable water stations.

In addition, Waste Sense recommends organizers to ensure there are enough waste stations throughout the festival, both for recyclables and general waste. It’s important to ensure bins are clearly labeled to make it as easy as possible for festival goers to get it right.

A study commissioned by environmental group Green Music Australia in 2019 shows that around 50 per cent of the rubbish generated at music festivals comes from the campsite itself. One way to combat camping trash problems is to rent trash cans and lots of them, says Waste Sense, since people are less likely to leave their trash on the ground when there are plenty of places to dump it.

As an independent waste broker, Waste Sense offers unbiased advice on waste solutions to meet unique business needs. Waste Sense takes the time to understand individual needs and works to provide the most cost effective recycling and waste management programs.

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