explains the Texas Lifeline program and all of its many benefits

From the 1980s, the digital age introduced technologies that changed the lives of millions of people and brought untold benefits. The mobile phone is one of the most important and fastest growing developments and it now offers instant communication. Smartphones provide security, information and convenience, solving problems for people with travel or mobility impairments. Because cell phones have become so essential to modern life, Texas and other states offer the Lifeline program, which ensures everyone can afford a phone and service.

The Lifeline program at a glance

The Lifeline program was created in 1985 to offer discounted telephone service to qualified low-income consumers. The goal was to ensure that every American could have the benefits and security that come with telephone service. As in other states, the Texas program allows all residents to connect with jobs, families, and emergency services.

Various companies offer the program, and consumers who want more information can visit a provider’s website and browse around here. The websites contain detailed information that explains the program, lists services, and offers advice on signing up.

Who is offering the service?

Those interested in the Lifeline program can search online for the Lifeline program in their state. Various providers in each federal state offer the program, making it easy to get started.

The importance of the program was recently made clear when the media ran the following headline: “Lifeline’s Texas Call Volume Soars After Launching 988; The state is trying to hire staff to meet the need.”

As Texas works to fill vacancies, representatives continue to support those using the Lifeline program during a crisis. The 988 number is a suicide prevention line that became overused almost immediately after it was activated.

Who qualifies?

Consumers enrolled in Medicaid, SSI, WIC, and Federal Housing Assistance may qualify for free phone and service. It is also open to those receiving food…