UNIPAY (UNIP) is now available for trading on the LBank Exchange

UNIPAY (UNIP) is now available for trading on the LBank Exchange


Internet City, Dubai – (Newsfile Corp. – September 3, 2022) – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, listed UNIPAY (UNIP) on August 31, 2022. For all LBank exchange users, the UNIP/USDT trade pair is now officially available for trading.

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As a blockchain-based payment system UNIPAY (UNIP) simplifies the payment-related procedures, ensures fast transfer process speed and eliminates reason for disputes with simplified data and archives. Its native token UNIP was listed on the LBank Exchange on August 31, 2022 at 15:00 (UTC+8) to further expand its global reach and help it realize its vision.

Introducing UNIPAY

UNIPAY is a blockchain-based payment system that offers a direct improvement in the inconvenience that trading companies still spend a lot of time on transactions and the problems in the current market where they pay high exchange fees.

Contract-related companies had to pay for transactions through 10 complex processes and one central financial institution, but UNIPAY simplifies the process of completing all contract procedures by negotiating and signing contracts by transferring its native token UNIPs.

UNIPAY can also solve the original problems of slow transfer processing time and reduce transfer fees by setting up a system that UNIP can transfer simply by supporting cryptocurrency wallets. In addition, since the transaction amount can be withdrawn in rupiah, Indonesia’s legal currency, immediately after receiving the payment in UNIPAY, the hassle of re-exchanging dollars to rupiah can be avoided and the exchange fee can be seen.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the blockchain that the transaction history cannot be manipulated or altered, all contract content is recorded as smart contracts,…

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