Supreme Court rejects Medicaid work requirement case

Supreme Court rejects Medicaid work requirement case



The Supreme Court on Monday rejected cases challenging Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas and New Hampshire.

The justices said lower courts should quash previous rulings eliminating work requirements because the cases were moot. But the job requirements are still being debated in lower courts, as Georgia sued the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services over the agency’s decision to rescind approval of the state’s program requirements.

The Supreme Court agreed in late 2020 to hear the Arkansas and New Hampshire cases after a federal appeals court struck down the policies.but it Cancellation of oral arguments In March 2021, the Biden administration reviewed proposed Medicaid job requirements in several states.

Later that month, CMS revoked permits for work requirements in Arkansas and New Hampshire. CMS now has withdraw approval For the 12 states’ requirements that were initially approved, it said the policies would not advance Medicaid goals.

CMS rescinded Georgia’s approval of job requirements in December.U.S. litigation, in a January filing, called the decision an “unprecedented regulatory bait and switch.” A motion hearing in the case is scheduled for June 20.

Trump administration encourages states to impose Medicaid Jobs and Community Engagement Requirements As of 2018, it is assumed that these requirements will motivate work. But before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than six in 10 Medicaid adults were already working, and nearly half of them were working full-time, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Arkansas is the only state to begin eliminating Medicaid for not meeting work requirements. The state maintained the 10-month work requirement until a federal judge shut down the program in 2019. During this period, About 18,000 people lost insurance. A 2020 Health Affairs study found that the policy did not boost employment.

The Medicaid work requirement, if implemented, could cripple hospitals’ finances. Report from federal funds.

Supreme Court order can be found here.


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