Link April 18, 2022 | Naked Capitalism

Link April 18, 2022 | Naked Capitalism


Lambert and I, along with many readers, agree that Ukraine has sparked the worst information environment ever. We hope readers will collaborate in the comments to reduce the fog of war – real fog and stage fog. None of us need more cheerleaders and linkless repeat memes; there are platforms. Low-value, unlinked pom pom-waves will be hit immediately.

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Six novels of overwhelming unease, slow-burning menace, and coercive control Crime readings. I’ve only read three of them – Rebecca, Fingersmith, my cousin Rachel. Each is great, so I thought I should look at the other three suggestions.

The greatest bourbon ever narrative

10 U.S. State Parks Worth a Visit discoverer

save the tiger Bangkok Post (Furry)

The Jackie Robinson We Didn’t Know capital and main

Lion rescued using ‘love drug’ goes from unhappy cat to friendly kitten Daily Maverick (Furry)

Is Croatia going the reactionary line of Poland and Hungary? Literary Center

Tardigrades may hitchhike on snails…and suffocate in their slime Live Science (Furry)

Living root bridges in Meghalaya are heading towards global recognition diplomat

Ajvar: Vegetarian “Caviar” in the Balkans BBC

Turkey: Powerful blast shakes Istanbul; at least 10 injured, building evacuated republic tv

#Coronavirus disease

Japan’s struggling tourism industry despairs over lack of COVID exit Al Jazeera

China doubles down on coronavirus-free efforts ahead of Communist Party congress South China Morning Post

WHO disputes India’s COVID death toll, so government wants to bury global report electric wire

Gov. Kathy Hochul says she won’t shut down New York as COVID cases surge New York Post

Officials adopt new information on Covid-19 behavior: It’s your decision Wall Street Journal

new less cold war

6th Coin in Historic Moments Series, Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Commemorating President VOLODYMYR ZELENSKYY #31 Series, Pre-Order!All shipments begin June 15, 2022 White House Gift Shop (MH)

Calls for US to issue visa ban on British lawyer who allowed Russian oligarchs Guardian (Furry)


Pope makes Easter plea for Ukraine peace, cites nuclear risk Associated Press

Missile strikes Lviv, bodies on the streets of Mariupol Reuters

LIVE missile hits Lviv in western Ukraine as Russia bombs city BBC

Belarus claims to be preparing for potential Western aggression: report republic tv

Japan says G20 meeting’s main goal is to push reluctant nations to sanction Moscow Republic TV. Good luck.

Gonzalo Lira is missing! wine hunter


Ukraine War: Will the Wheat Crisis Bring More Food Independence? german wave

Righting forever forward: Giant container ship (its sister stuck on Suez River) finally refloated after being stuck in Chesapeake Bay for a month – forcing rescuers to remove 323 containers to make it lighter daily mail

Class struggle

Rental prices are really bad right now Vice (Furry)

Texas bans homeless camps, so one man made one on his property Vice (Furry)

Single Mother Grant Directory sSngle Mother Grant (Furry)

I’m not selling, says billionaire-funded super PAC backing rival Nina Turner common dream

Biden administration

Kamala Harris keeps traveling to unconventional places. that’s why. politics

U.S. to host ASEAN leaders in mid-May Bangkok Post (Furry)

Attempt to cancel the delegate. ILHAN OMAR, Minnesota House race sets policing race Intercept (Furry)

beautiful france

‘Voting for Marine Le Pen is not a woman’s choice’ French 24 (Furry)

old blight

Boris Johnson still won’t admit he broke lockdown rules despite paying £50 Partygate police fine for breaking them – as he faces brutal showdown with MPs tomorrow as he claims He started a boozy party daily mail


Dalit History Month: 12 books reveal caste-based atrocities and the ongoing struggle against them scroll

How community forest rights empower women and youth in Gondia spend in india

India Fix: Public anarchy sweeping across the country paints a dark future for India scroll

Car and taxi drivers strike in Delhi to protest higher CNG prices electric wire

Indian start-up offers solution for city dwellers unable to install solar panels on their roofs scroll


PM Shehbaz writes to Modi, says peaceful Pakistan-India relations vital to regional progress dawn


Pakistan’s deadly attack in Afghanistan reflects rising cross-border tensions Responsible governance

Pakistan, Afghanistan teeter in border war Asia Times


World’s largest naval power ‘hosted’ by engine makers – China fights submarine tech Eurasian Times (Furry)

China GDP growth beats expectations, but lockdown weighs outlook foot

‘China needs a new playbook’ to deal with EU’s tougher trade and investment rules South China Morning Post

waste watch

Are microbes the future of recycling?it’s complicated Ars Technica

Plant sunflowers and lavender to save garden species, RSPB says Guardian (Furry)

climate change

Are growth needs spreading?Peel, Ontario to vote to open 10,000 acres of farmland for development Narwhal

Climate change is destroying ancient buildings in Iraq guardian

State approves massive transmission lines to power climate goals city

Climate change sucks — but it’s not all to blame electric wire

How Bitcoin Mining Destroyed This New York Town MIT Technology Review

Our food systems are not ready for the climate crisis guardian

Budapest: You can’t build anything American Conservative Party

“Once the federal government legalizes, more states will follow” Fair

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