Cannabis and cannabis insurance for real peace of mind

Finally, provide marijuana and cannabis insurance to all individuals and businesses in the supply cycle.

XTRAS you get XINSURANCE experience:

Marijuana and marijuana insurance may be new to you, but not to us. We are experts in professional insurance solutions for individuals and businesses in all industries, including the cannabis industry.

We stay abreast of industry developments and legislative directions, expanding our protection portfolio to keep pace with changes and guiding our clients through the confusion and complexity of unknown and murky waters.

We are a knowledgeable and trusted partner that brings real peace of mind, if not completely bankrupt, by minimising exposure to risks that could seriously impact your finances.

Comprehensive solution

Many insurers, attracted by the market potential of such a fast-growing industry, are jumping in.

At XINSURANCE, we are not only involved, we also provide comprehensive and comprehensive liability insurance solutions for all aspects and areas of the cannabis industry from “seed to sale” and beyond – solutions that are impossible to find anywhere else .

We customize coverage, limits, deductibles and protections to meet the diverse needs of investors, prescribers, growers, processors, testers, retailers and transporters.

We tailor policies to give you the right coverage, fill in the gaps, and minimize exposure to any operational and environmental nuances.

And, we do this using an all-in-one approach that combines various coverage solutions under one convenient, easy-to-understand policy.

who we can help

If your business grows, sells, transports, delivers or distributes medical and/or recreational cannabis to others, XINSURANCE can customize a insurance plan Protect you and your business.

? Cultivator (indoor/outdoor)

? Processor/Manufacturer (plant extract to product formulation)

? Transporter (B2B)

? Delivery (patient/client home delivery)

? Analytical testing laboratory

? Retailers (“pharmacy” medical and/or recreational)

? Any business or individual in the cannabis industry

we fight for you

When necessary, we swim with sharks…and usually win. If you end up at the wrong end of your lawsuit, we believe you deserve a good day in court.

Even if you are at fault, we will defend you and fight for a quick, fair, and reasonable outcome for you.

We actively oppose outrageous judgments and punitive damages that set precedents, drive up costs and could bankrupt you.

Other companies would rather settle and get it done as quickly as possible, whether or not it’s really in your best interest…and then drop you as a customer.

We are different. We build relationships with our clients and provide stable, long-term and partnership.

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Disclaimer: XINSURANCE is backed by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus insurance brokerage firm. XINSURANCE is EIB’s DBA with its registered and principal place of business in Sandy, Utah. This insurance product is offered by an unlicensed surplus line insurance company. The NPN of the EIB is 5464658 and the CA license number is 0H93938.

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