The best sitcoms

The best sitcoms



It is the time of the year, we have many friends and family members visiting, or we are going to visit them, we need to do some interesting activities. Avoiding boredom while we are all waiting for an important day can be a bit of a hassle, so here is an idea. Stand up and watch sitcoms. The art of sitcoms reached its highest level in the 80s and 90s, or at least that was the source of most of the most famous sitcoms. This list will largely be influenced by my favorite sitcoms, so I am sorry that “Friends” does not appear here, I just can’t let myself do it. Hope you will all agree or at least like the rest of my suggestions. So, in my humble opinion, here are the best sitcoms you watch at climax.


I put Fraser first because it is the source of inspiration for this article. A friend of mine visited recently and he thought we should smoke a cigarette and watch the notorious Fraser Ski Lodge episode. If you haven’t watched this episode, then watching the stone is perfect. Obviously, a major aspect of sitcoms is farce, but this episode takes it to a whole new level. A game-style scene in the living room. People go in and out just to miss each other, not knowing who wants to sleep with. Of course, there is also a deaf old man who confuses the situation. Be sure to watch this episode first. Although I would say that overall, Frasier is a great choice for viewing the stone due to its excellent writing, strange calm style and clumsy performance. I have to say that in general, this is one of my favorite things in the 90s, but it would be better if there is a joint.

Song Fei

Some of you may know that this show has recently landed on Netflix, and this is the first time I have watched it in my life. At first I thought it was okay. Stand-up comedy was rubbish, but the show itself was strangely addictive. I think the reason why watching “Throwing Stone” is great is the way the show develops. In order for it to work, you really need to binge on it, so fasten your seat belt and allow some time. As the show progresses, you will see the development of the characters, the changes in standing, and the story becomes more and more bizarre. I promise you will go from occasional giggles to real big laughs, and enjoy how terrifying the character is as a human being. When I was told that Seinfeld was the inspiration for the always sunny in Philadelphia, I was confused, but I definitely understand now. I apologize for standing up, it’s bad, but hope the increasingly surreal plot line will make up for it.

Philadelphia is always sunny

I will do this soon because my goal is a more retro vibe, but I have already mentioned it now. Although I don’t think it is a sitcom, it is definitely technical. It is also usually one of my favorite shows to watch while throwing rocks. It’s fun to watch the characters develop again and watch them get worse as they interact with The Gang. If you want to laugh, if you like chaotic situations, if you like a little scared, if you like Danny DeVito, this show is great. If you say you don’t love him, then I’m afraid you are a liar and you can’t read this anymore.

That 70s show

For obvious reasons, this sitcom is perfect for weeds. Watching a group of teenagers in their 70s having a great time in the basement and then starting various pranks is a wonderful way to spend a smoke-filled afternoon. This is a lighter and stupid choice than our last one. It is perfect for people who like everything from classic sitcoms to laughter. If you haven’t watched this show, it will follow a group of teenagers in the 1970s, relationships, family, school, what do you have. It is full of energetic characters, including teenagers and parents. I think when I watched this show when I was young, I had a strange fascination with Red. No, you have a problem with dad. It could also be because I saw him as a bad guy in Robocop…I didn’t make it better. In any case, if you want something relaxing, fun and relaxing, this is your choice.

Party feather

I will throw you another 2000s because I like this show very much. If you are a comedy fan, I think you will recognize almost every actor. It is about a catering company and tracking their work. It is starring the incredible Jane Lynch and countless other incredible comedians. She is just my main selling point because I love her and she is great. If you want an old-school, vulgar, and really well-written comedy from the 2000s, I would certainly recommend Party Down. In addition, because they are catering suppliers, there is quite a lot of weed smoking in the show.


Let’s end with something British, a funny sitcom about ghosts living together. Likewise, if you are a comedy fan, you may recognize many actors in this show. This is a typical young couple moving into an old house and starting renovations without realizing that it is full of ghosts. Like many British sitcoms, the script of this movie is very funny and will make you laugh out loud for most of the show. If you want something beautiful, optimistic and interesting, without laughter or too much Americanism, this is a good choice, without offending America, our comedy is just different. It is definitely a good choice to spend a sleepy afternoon on the sofa when it is snowing outside.

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