THCB Gang Episode 75, December 16th-Healthcare Blog

THCB Gang Episode 75, December 16th-Healthcare Blog



Join Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) A one-hour panel discussion on what is happening in healthcare and other fields, sometimes even combative conversations-Medical historian Mike Magee (Mike Magee)@drmikemagee); Futurist Jeff Goldsmith; Fierce patient activist Casey Quinlan (Casey Quinlan)@MightyCasey); and policy consultant/author Rosemarie Day (@ Rosemarie_Day1).

A lot of talk about voting rights, the future of “democracy” in the United States, and so on, we did indeed return to the health care field in the end. A great and interesting but important conversation!

You can watch the video below and keep it for future generations.If you prefer to listen to it instead of watching, the audio will be saved as a weekly podcast in our iTunes & Spotify Channel

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