Link 12/16/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 12/16/2021 | Naked Capitalism


Buffalo flip tortoise reddit (drumlin wookchuckles)

Bird song tops the Australian music charts BBC (David L)

The beaver misbehaved. In any case, Canadians love them. New York Times (resilc)

Neanderthals were the first primitive people to turn forests into grasslands 125,000 years ago Science News (Kevin W)

After the tornado blew away his roof, he played the piano under the open sky New York Times

Step by step: Two new translations of Kleist Los Angeles Review of Books (Anthony L)

The use of antibiotics on farm animals in the United States is declining.Now it is not wired

Research finds that heavy metals in cannabis plants affect human health New Atlas (David L)

#Coronavirus disease


Assess the immune evasion potential of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron (Kevin W)

Studies have found that Moderna vaccine cannot match omicron unless there is a booster NPR (David L)

Ancient Greek drugs can reduce COVID-19 deaths-Israeli scientists Jerusalem Post. IM file:

Yes-it may really work-colchicine has been an amazing anti-inflammatory drug for centuries. It is increasingly used for various things.

When I first started practicing, a 2 liter bottle of pills could actually be bought for a few cents.

Then a few years ago-colchicine got SHKRELI-now it is hundreds of dollars for 5 days.

Note how it is described as a cheap drug in Israel –

Well-it’s anywhere else in the world-but not in the United States. That was 30 years ago-but not anymore.

And about pharmaceutical patents. Since this drug was used extensively by Henry VIII for gout-it is seriously suspected that it is a patent. No-it is our own stupidity and greed that led to the occurrence of wool. They are now slowly doing the same with insulin.

The number of pregnant women who died of Covid has increased sharply in the past four months due to the rejection of the vaccine, accounting for 40% of the deaths Sun (resilc)


General Motors: “The first country to at least partially restore sanity.”


Please read the entire Twitter storm:

German police thwarted the “anti-vaccine murder conspiracy” against the state chancellor Reuters


CDC issued a severe forecast warning that by Christmas Day, the number of COVID cases in the United States will increase by 55% to 1.3 million per week Daily Mail (J-LS)

Gorsuch’s crusade against vaccine authorization may overturn a pillar of public health Slate (David L)

“Falling like a fly”: Omicron brings a new COVID hell to Cornell University Daily Beast (David L)

Chief executives of two major airlines question whether masks are needed on planes CNN (Kevin W). Obviously, this position is to avoid disputes with passengers who violate the rules, not to be safe, as shown below:

Vaccine makers raised undisclosed campaign funding in 2020 Interception (resilc).

The COVID-19 vaccination plan in the United States within one year: how many deaths and hospitalizations have been avoided? Commonwealth Fund

How Kennedy built an anti-vaccine giant in COVID-19 Associated Press (resilc)

Amazon Smile donated more than $40,000 to anti-vaccine organizations in 2020 guardian.Did not rise to the level of sofa fluff, but still not good-looking

Healthy real estate companies capitalize on pandemic fears to profit New republic

COP26/climate change

The eastern ice shelf of Thwaites collapsed due to cross cracks Agu. PlutoniumKun: I know this is covered, but this is a very good, comprehensive and simple English explanation that explains why this is very, very serious.

California’s attack on rooftop solar is very stupid CleanTechnica (Kevin W)

Extreme winds, sandstorms and warm temperatures are hitting most of the Midwest NPR (Kevin W). One is mainly that the community is hit by tornado or hurricane-level winds that have never happened before. Not only are building codes often inadequate, but locals usually don’t take the threats seriously enough.


Xi Jinping’s leadership style: micro-management that allows subordinates to scramble The Wall Street Journal. Well, I remember that Steve Jobs was like this.


“The right to dignity regardless of occupation”: SC orders the government to issue ID cards to sex workers Wire (J-LS)

Old Brady

Lindsey Hoyle says Westminster’s cocaine use will be proposed with the Metropolitan Police Nationwide. Resilc: “Everything makes sense in the UK now.”

New cold war

The ghosts of Georgia 2008 should now haunt Kiev Andrew Cockburn, Resilc

Russia shows no signs of backing down in its invasion of Ukraine Asia Times


Israel finds that the aircraft that may be the key to hitting Iran is severely out of stock New York Times

The Knesset is closer to enacting laws that give the police greater powers over Arab citizens Cradle (guurst)

SMEX: Israel’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is a threat to digital rights Global Voice (resilc)

In the shadow of the conflict in Gaza in 2021: Evangelicals and reborn Christians’ views on the Palestine-Israel dispute Research gate

Teacher strikes across Iran EA WorldView (resilc)

Big brother is watching you

A new type of cordless insect-sized aircraft PhysOrg (Chuck L)

Disclosure: The Los Angeles Police Department uses the “Strategic Communications” company to track “disinvestment police” online Guardian (resilient)

Empire Folding Watch

Avoid the worst in Ukraine and Taiwan Jeffrey Sachs, Project Syndicate (Kevin C)

A lot of nerves: the UAE threatens to withdraw from the F-35 deal Responsible governance strategy (resilc)

Rejecting Biden’s pressure to keep away from China, Emirates suspended US$23 billion in F-35 transactions Juan Cole (resilc)

This is America against the world: Americans eliminate rivals through economic terrorism Pravda (resilc)

trump card

U.S. soldiers spread Trump’s baseless allegations of fraud Reuters (Furry)


“Progress is very bad”: Biden could not confirm Manchin on the Democratic bill Politics (Kevin W). Biden acted as if he could now make Manchin give in, which is really shocking. If Manchin could bribe or coerce by means that Biden was willing to use, he would have been in line long ago.

Democratic negotiations with Manchin show signs of collapse Hill. Manchin traded again.

Biden advances to resume student loan repayment in February 2022 WSWS

Medical insurance privatization plan faces legal issues related to huge profits Intercept (resilc)

Pelosi said whether members of Congress should trade stocks RT (Kevin W)

Voting fraud allegations of 3 people in Florida village New York Times (resilc)


Gun and finish Michael Moore (Furry)

Alabama Children’s Hospital reports that pediatric gun injuries have increased by 60% this year WRBC. The safety of guns is poor, just like the guns in the drawer of the bedside table, there are more children in the family.

The unbearable whiteness of being a scholarc Ed West (Anthony L)

Container imports at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have fallen sharply The Wall Street Journal. First paragraph:

In November, the volume of container imports at the US’s largest ocean freight trade portal fell sharply, although the number of ships waiting to be unloaded at Southern California ports has been increasing.

The Fed will actively reduce bond purchases and will raise interest rates three times next year NBC Finance Channel. Even Bloomberg’s columnist pointed out that when workers will not accept jobs even if they offer higher wages, the Fed is powerless.

Guillotine watch

Residents “angry” more than £450 for daily heating Sky Pool costs DeZeen (resilc)

Class struggle

Pharmacy Workers National Strike December 20-Rabbi and Steel Worker Picket Strayer CEO House Again-SC School Bus Drivers Strike Mike Elk pays attention to the strike date.

The working class did not vote against its interests Counterattack

Antidote of the day. Please express condolences to Mike K:

This is Petunia. Today (December 13, 21), she died unexpectedly from a blood clot at the age of 10. This is the only unblurred photo I have of her, because her favorite activity is chasing anything that moves. She just came back from the beauty salon, showing off her new hairstyle excitedly. She is a good companion.

There is one more reward (John Seaman):

Another reward (Chuck L):

See yesterday’s link and antidote du Jour here.

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