As Manchin tries to stifle the child tax credit, rebuild a better edge when it collapses

As Manchin tries to stifle the child tax credit, rebuild a better edge when it collapses


Here comes Yves. As pointed out in the link, even if the details of Manchin’s conspiracy may be so, the result is not surprising. If Biden is willing to offer any bribes, threats or punishments, Manchin may be moved, and the bill will be passed a few months ago.

Failure to pass this bill not only means that the Biden administration has fallen prematurely into a lame duck situation. This also means that only the reduction in Omicron spending will have a huge impact on travel, hotels and physical shopping, and cause secondary economic losses, such as delays in elective surgery.

By Jack Johnson.Originally published on Common dream

There were reports on Wednesday that the right-wing Democratic Senator Joe Manchin hopes to cancel the increased tax credits for children, a move that will push the “Rebuild Better Act” to faltering on the verge of collapse. Millions of childrenThe entire United States has fallen back into poverty.

At the same time, Manchin (DW.Va.) voted in favor of a huge $778 billion military spending bill on Wednesday – 11th consecutive time The Pentagon budget he supported did not complain about costs. Legislation is easily passed in a bipartisan way, 88-11.

Quoting an anonymous source, Manu Raju CNN Report Manchin (DW.Va.) wants to “zero it out,” referring to the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC).This Washington postSimilarly Report That “Manchin wants to cancel funding [the CTC] Extracted entirely from the bill. “

“If you want to kill the BBB completely, you will do it,” Judd Legum, Popular informationcommunication, wrote Manchin’s method.

Manchin’s latest opposition almost ensures that Senate Democrats will not vote on their flagship settlement bill before Christmas – a goal set by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) – and could endanger The party is considering that the House of Lords needs unanimous support from the Democrats.

If the bill is not passed before the end of the year, the monthly CTC payment will be Invalidation, Depriving millions of troubled families of cash used Pay for food, childcare and other necessities during the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

According to reports, West Virginia Democrats are pushing for cuts to the promoted CTC-he did not do so negative When confronted by reporters on Wednesday, progressive commentators and Democratic senators immediately expressed anger, saying that any attempt to reduce the plan was unacceptable.

Author Zach Carter said: “Set the bill aside and let him explain that he voted against it because he wants to cut the money of all families with children.” suggestion“Manchin has let Republicans run for governor of Virginia. You can’t let him delay indefinitely.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Tell The reporter on Wednesday said “we need a child tax credit” and currently Eligible families Each child under the age of 6 pays a maximum of US$300 per month, and each child between the ages of 6 and 17 pays a maximum of US$250 per month.

For now, the Rebuild Better Act will extend the enhanced CTC for another year.Manchin and other right-wing Democrats Fiasco Make the program permanent.

“It has reduced child poverty in the United States by nearly half,” Warren said of the expansion of the CTC.

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