Acadia Healthcare also signed a joint venture agreement with a non-profit medical system, this time in cooperation with Fairview Health Services to open a new hospital in Minnesota.

The for-profit health system and Fairview Health Services will design and build an inpatient mental health and addiction treatment facility, serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, located at Acadia Healthcare in Franklin, Tennessee Announce Thursday. The partners are expected to spend US$50 million on the new hospital.

The health system said at a press conference that the hospital will have 144 inpatient mental health beds and will focus on providing care in a calm treatment environment.

“Acadia is proud to partner with Fairview to build their superior behavioral health services,” Acadia’s healthcare chief executive Debbie Osteed said in a press release.

James Hereford, chief executive of the Minneapolis Health System, stated in a press release that Fairview Health Services is the largest provider of mental health and addiction care in the Twin Cities area and has a responsibility to innovate.

“Improving the accessibility and quality of acute inpatient mental health and addiction care is an important part of this commitment,” Hereford said. “Working with a world-class provider like Acadia Healthcare, the new hospital will help us continue to improve the care we provide to patients and the community.”

This is Acadia Healthcare’s 16th joint venture partnership.Earlier this month, the company Announce cooperation In cooperation with Orlando Health, it will expand the inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services of the Florida system. Acadia Healthcare, with annual revenues of more than US$2 billion, will also take over the only inpatient behavioral health program of Orlando Health, a non-profit organization at Longwood Hospital.

Acadia Healthcare also announced plans to establish this year Two independent behavioral health hospitals Work with Geisinger, a non-profit organization headquartered in Danville, Pennsylvania.


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