The Best Gift for Stoners: Part 1

The Best Gift for Stoners: Part 1


Well, that’s it, it’s officially December, so it may be time to start organizing gifts. I find that buying now is very difficult at its best. When there is pressure to buy for a large number of people at once, this can be a real nightmare. If your friends or family members have specific interests, such as smoking marijuana, it’s much easier. If you happen to have relatives who like to light cigarettes, you can always buy something to improve their smoking experience. Whether it’s useful things, or just interesting and strange things, there are plenty of gifts for comrades who like marijuana. Let’s take a look at a few different gift categories that will make you the ultimate gift this Christmas. There are too many categories to cover, I definitely need Part 2.


Let’s start with some simple things to make people who like to be loud and proud of their smoking. Weeds are everywhere, from funny T-shirts to cups to wall hangings, socks and more. Here are a few items that I found on the Internet that can be used to make beautiful gifts, especially for those who are not very close to you, so you only want something related to weeds, and not too expensive.


I like this cute TeaHC glass, it is hand-etched and it is very affordable. One of the great things about buying items from Etsy during this holiday season is that you will also support independent sellers instead of just ordering all items directly from Amazon. This is especially perfect for people in your life who like to wake up and bake with a good cup of tea.

Weed apron

So I know I just said not to order from Amazon, but in fact most of us are huge hypocrites, and I am no exception. This cute apron is perfect for bakers in a group, anyone who likes to be creative in hemp cooking. I always like a gift that is both fun and practical, while also expressing one’s hobbies.

Eat Sleep Weed Leggings

I like Redbubble as a company. You once again support artists through the company. In addition, once I ordered the wrong size T-shirt, when I tried to replace it, they said it was too late, but anyway they sent me the correct size and asked me to keep the original T-shirt, so even if it It’s my fault for the free T-shirt. Anyway, I like these leggings because they are cute and fun, and based on the thickness of the thighs, they look like they are saying “Eat Sleep Wee Repeat”, which I think is fun.

Weed wall hanging

I will stick to Etsy so that we can maintain support for artists. A smoking room without weeds on the wall is incomplete. The advantage of Etsy is the number of options. Of course, you have classic weed leaf tapestries, but there are some gorgeous, less obvious tapestries that are perfect for modern smoking rooms. Browse through the various wall art and ornaments available, and I believe that even the most discerning cannabis-loving artist will find something suitable.


Of course, for those you might be closer to, you might want to give them a cool practical gadget to improve their bold lifestyle.

Humidity storage tank

This thing is used to store wine, but the website also says it is used to store weeds. In order to keep the bud as fresh as possible, we have to make sure that it does not become too humid. Even in the harvested buds, humidity can produce mold and reduce the potency and flavor of the buds. Not only is this a great product, but it also looks very beautiful. The sleek glass and wood design looks great on any surface, even on the mantelpiece as a decoration.

Joint case

This is a good cheap option for people who like to smoke while traveling. It is essentially a cute little box, available in several colors, suitable for 6 joints and a lighter. This is a great gift for smoking on the road, and a great gift for camping or hiking. Smoking outdoors has never been easier. There is even a small compartment under the lighter where you can store weeds if necessary.

Smart grinder and joint roller

This is a very beautiful little kit, very suitable for the important stone man in your life. The combination of this grinder and cigarette maker is a great choice for smoking on the go or at home, especially when someone comes by. It is charged via a USB port, and a single charge allows you to connect 20 to 30 joints, so if you want to spend the night in the wild, you don’t need to worry. It even has a small window, so you can watch it automatically adjust to grind up weeds and provide you with perfect trim. It even comes with 20 cones, so your lucky recipient can thank you by instantly rolling a magic robot joint. It is beautiful, stylish and easy to use. The only difficult thing is not to buy one for yourself at the same time.

Rosin Press

Finally, for friends or family who like to make rosin, this neat little printing machine. It may not be the cheapest gift option, but compared to other printing presses, it is definitely worth the money. This particular printing machine is highly recommended and has entered the list of many top weed gadgets. This printing machine is small, portable and well-designed. Not the usual large metal structures they might be used to. This is definitely a gift for the stone man who already has everything.

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