The return of inflation: crunch time for the European Central Bank

[ad_1] As Christine Lagarde unveiled plans last week to redesign euro banknotes for the first time since their launch two decades ago, the European Central Bank president said they were “a tangible and visible symbol that we stand together in Europe, particularly in times of crisis”. Lagarde’s comment underlines her pride in the united approach […]

Switzerland’s largest online bank Swissquote will launch its own cryptocurrency exchange – Bitcoin News

[ad_1] According to reports, Switzerland’s largest online bank Swissquote is launching its own cryptocurrency trading platform. The company believes that there is a high demand for cryptocurrency transactions. “Our compliance and customer service teams are almost overwhelmed by the cryptocurrency boom.” Switzerland’s largest online bank will launch its own cryptocurrency trading platform According to reports, […]

Another Congressional Hearing, December 6-13

[ad_1] The biggest regulatory story this week is the hearing of the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, which focuses on encryption. Even the title of the event-“The Future of Digital Assets and Finance: Understanding the Challenges and Benefits of American Financial Innovation”-conveyed a different atmosphere from countless previous congressional meetings, which were primarily […]

Private equity firm closes $570 million in healthcare-focused funds

[ad_1] CareAbout, Ascend’s managed services organization, will support portfolio companies in areas such as quality improvement, multi-site practice management, data analysis, value-based care delivery, and population health management. CareAbout has 19 employees. The fund’s partners were oversubscribed and reached the hard cap, including public and private pension funds, foundations, financial institutions and family offices. Dr. […]

US chip material manufacturer Entegris doubles investment in Taiwan to US$500 million

[ad_1] Entegris, a US chip material manufacturer, plans to more than double its investment in Taiwan and build its largest manufacturing base on the island. This is a major victory for Asia’s major chip economies as it races to ensure its presence in the semiconductor supply chain Status. Entegris CEO and President Bertrand Loy said […]

Robinhood turned to Chainalysis to improve compliance before crypto wallet launch – Bitcoin Featured News

[ad_1] The popular trading platform Robinhood has partnered with blockchain data platform Chainalysis to meet compliance requirements. Robinhood is preparing to launch its wallet, which has a waiting list of more than 1.6 million users. Robinhood partners with Chainalysis to achieve compliance Blockchain data analysis company Chainalysis announced on Monday that it “established a comprehensive […]

Judge will not prevent New York health workers from being vaccinated

[ad_1] The Supreme Court on Monday refused to stop the COVID-19 vaccine request for New York medical staff, which does not provide an exemption for religious reasons. The court took action on urgent appeals from doctors, nurses and other medical workers who said they were forced to choose between work and religion. As is typical […]

The first Metachain project ShuttleOne joins the Tezos agreement – ??Press release Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Press release Press release. ShuttleOne is the latest project to adopt Tezos and will soon promote adoption and liquidity, while solving the problem of blockchain fragmentation. Singapore: Tezos is a highly scalable and self-amending blockchain protocol for proof-of-stakes. It is opening its arms to ShuttleOne, a Metachain solution designed to solve the fragmentation problem […]