Although political scientists have used different events as a turning point in the Democratic Party’s rejection of its labor/working-class roots, it will still take time to transform this emerging consensus into a policy equivalent to betraying their previous foundation. Many people point out that the North American Free Trade Agreement is a key event, although its impact will take time to show.

In some parts of the country, the denial of the interests of ordinary people has been more violent and the response has been even stronger. Amfortas explained its performance in Texas in the 1990s. Note one key factor: Evangelicalism has suddenly (and relatively new) emerged as a political force. Reagan was supported by Billy Graham to a large extent, but the Christians at the time only learned to exercise their muscles.

This is why I keep complaining about the failure of the women’s liberation movement. As I said at the time, during the peak of feminism in the 1970s, the right to abortion was protected by law. This is a struggle that must be won, but they put all their political bargaining chips on the unrealistic goal of passing the Equal Rights Amendment. In that era, conservative Christians were often seen as retrograde weird people.

Tranquility Start to communicate By reading Hillary Clinton’s 2016 acceptance speech, criticizing her for returning to the media:

I saw “Master Class” in the title of an article earlier this week and thought it was an imitation. The Clintons and the Democratic National Committee do not know how many real people in politics hate the Clintons.

Living in Tianqiao County, this can be seen from time to time. People in central Wisconsin have the same opinion of Amafortas about his Texas area.

Bernie represents a man who is true to his principles. He cares about ordinary people and he is trustworthy. He led every county in Wisconsin to contend with Hillary Clinton. The treatment of Bernie by the consulting political class is short-sighted, and more evidence shows that they “lack” any expertise other than raising dollars.

To make Hillary appear constantly is to sprinkle salt on the wound.

From the hippies Amfortas:

Here, it is the Farm Bill that ends the peanut subsidy and fair/mohair subsidy for the entire region.
I think it was 1996, but I want to make sure.
Let my county plunge into depression immediately.
Before that, the county…and the wider pastures, cotton plains, goats and sheep herds in the north and west… were very democratic.
LBJ (on the road, who paved the way for us) and FDR (who gave us the call) are still openly respected and remembered.
But that farm bill sent us into the waiting of the right wing, which has already taken major actions in Texas (see: Lil George as goobernator)
This opens the door to the rights of everyone, here…I watched it happen.
Suddenly, Rush and others appeared on every radio (I didn’t even think about that person since I escaped from Austin a few years ago)…the cable came to town (only in town) , Fox followed (before that, no one could get broadcast and television signals without elaborate and expensive giant antennas and boosters)… and then the dial just climbed out… that’s it.
Interestingly, the local missionaries played an important role in the transition to the right ideology…This place has always been a small conservative…It is just a small American countryside (see: Wendellberg)…but Obviously, the Lutheran, Baptist and Methodist churches received a memorandum in the upper right corner around the end of the 1990s…because the sermons etc. became political indoctrination.
Then, two climbing groups arrived and began to divide different congregations… sparked a struggle about racial tolerance and the way they talked about the poor. Due to this behavior, several churches split…from 14 churches to 23 (!!!)… Finally settled in around 18 (in a county with a population of about 4,400).
The hijacking incident had a major impact on public politics and ideology…

But the apparent power of Righty’s narrative is entirely dependent on this reinforcement…continuous and capable of eliminating any alternatives.
If the internet crashes…or the fox crashes…it is impossible…because policy and hatred are inherently unsustainable…
Too many people are harmed… and too many large families have brown people.
This is how I made such great progress in single-handedly promoting Bernie and the New Deal… I sit here and think: What if I weren’t alone?
What if the Democratic Party is here to actively fight for things that people really care about?
As far as the current situation is concerned, the County Democratic Party has not had a store or work phone number since 2004.
The PMCs of the local Democratic Party hide their butts… fear of being killed… or just want to avoid having to defend themselves when Uncle Billy learns that they are pink communists who want to make us all gay.
Some of them did manage to hold a black life issue “rally” on the court lawn (there are 2 black people in the entire county… Anti-Mexico is a very important local racism here)… All 10 people attended …Everyone is very rich and wake up, all white…All it does is serves as material for ugly jokes in the local online right-wing space (I’m still monitoring, lol)

Eclair replied:

Very good historical package, Amfortas.

The situation is much the same in Warren County, Pennsylvania, which is adjacent to Shotokwa County, New York. As the State University of New York Fredonia is located in the “North County”, the latter tilts more to the left. And the remains of the Jamestown Industrial Base.

Warren County is where my spouse’s family settled. Dozens of offspring still live there. It is a mixture of agriculture and extractive economy. The city of Warren has a large oil refinery and dozens of large, well-maintained houses from the early 20th century. But, in general, the poor and the whites. His family chose agriculture instead of extractive industries and actively participated in the Grange movement: they rallied against the railway monopoly and supported the voting rights of women (actually holding Grange’s leadership positions). Of course, recipes have also been published.

And, somewhere in the process, they all became Republicans. Because Republicans represent self-reliance, small government, low taxes, business (with a small “b”), family, and patriotism. They don’t want “handouts” or “free” universities. They want a job after graduating from high school. One gives them a decent salary, a raise and a chance to become a supervisor, a few weeks of paid vacation, decent health insurance, and a decent pension. Or, they want to be able to do their own business; car repair, plumbing, electrician. Or they want to farm; raise beef cattle or pigs, grow strawberries and sweet corn, and keep the small dairy business started by their great-grandfather.

There are always outliers, such as my spouse. Who has itchy feet or high school calculus, wants to see Silicon Valley or Broadway.

Warren County is flooded with huge Trump banners and signs. On flagpoles, lawns, barns and front porches. If there is one thing that is the opposite of “voters,” it is what most Warren County residents think of themselves.

Anfortas again:

Eclar: “…They want a job after high school. One that gives them a decent salary, a raise and a chance to become a supervisor, a few weeks of paid vacation, decent health insurance, and a decent pension. Or, they want to be able to do their own business; car repair, plumbing, electrician. Or they want to farm; raise beef cattle or pigs, grow strawberries and sweet corn, and keep the small dairy business founded by their great-grandfather.”

A young guy might win by an overwhelming advantage in all these areas…if it can be sold reliably.
I am 100% sure that there are at least 90% of the voting public here…and at least 70% of the others (if there is an explanation) that is the case.
A dignified life without too many difficulties (the latter is enough to “shape the character”, etc.)…and fair shakes and fair transactions and some sense of security…and continuity…
But when you get a deeper understanding of the nature of how to do all of this… this is when cognitive dissonance begins.
Because we have that, before…at least many of these people’s grandparents have done it (wife’s…not so many…Bracero plans, etc.)…but it is under FDR, LBJ and IKE! …And all the other damn. They have been taught to hate and fear for more than 40 years.
“We” are 40 years behind in indoctrination.

One study after another shows that once people’s income is sufficient to cover their decent needs and there is some safety buffer, more money does not make them happier. In fact, high-income inequality can create a lot of job instability: with a slight decline, you can no longer afford your child’s mentor, pet charity board seats, ski vacations, or even your second home. These may seem stupid, but loss of status will translate into loss of (perceived) friends, inability to establish a network at the appropriate level, inability to send children to an appropriate university, and if the spouse is attached to one person, it may even be divorced. lifestyle.

These are big problems for professional management. They are far away from the needs of survival and the things needed to live a good life, so that it is not difficult to understand why many ordinary Americans think that Democrats hate focusing on the pursuits within these castes.


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