5 ways Biden’s service-centric executive order will affect healthcare

5 ways Biden’s service-centric executive order will affect healthcare


The White House stated in an executive order issued on Monday morning that the Biden administration hopes to improve the way the federal government provides services to Americans, including health care.

Here are five things about government customer service goals:

1. Patient’s ability to use Telemedicine According to the executive order, services will be increased.The government says this will connect rural residents, the disabled and others who want to choose remotely with their doctors, but the order does not detail how this will happen or what it means. Provider reimbursement.

2. The government wants to improve Healthy childbirth for pregnant womenThe executive order stated that more patients will be able to easily access electronic prenatal, birth and post-natal health records, such as laboratory results and ultrasound images. Medicaid maternal health quality measures will also be evaluated by race and ethnicity to help identify and reduce inequalities in care and outcomes.The announcement was made last week by CMS that it would propose to create a “Midwifery” hospital title It will eventually be added to the Care Compare website.

3. Medicare beneficiaries will have access to online tools to help them manage their care, provide customer support options, and reduce drug expenditures. Beneficiaries will also be able to obtain benefits from the Social Security Administration more easily.

4. The government wants to streamline Department of Veterans Affairs Digital health services and other benefits allow virtual services to be provided through integrated platforms and mobile applications that work online.

5. CMS has been designated as a high-impact service provider within the Ministry of Health and Human Services.Generally speaking, executive orders instruct agencies to Administrative burden And simplify online tools.

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