Link 12/11/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 12/11/2021 | Naked Capitalism


Before the state police were called, the friendly, swearing crow became friends with the entire Oregon elementary school Oregon scene (Alex C).

The inner life of cats: our feline friends’ true views on hugs, happiness, and humans Guardian (hairy). My cat Black can count to four. He takes four vitamins before dinner every day. If I gave him only two at the end of a bottle, or one rolled away from the others, he would eagerly search for missing vitamins. When he had four, he stopped searching.

Darwin in the laboratory: coral evolution adjusted by global warming Star Tribune (Chuck L)

Use AI to observe protein changes within ten millionths of a second Wired (Robert M)

What happens to our cells after exercise? Neuroscience News (David L)

Cannabis clinics will flourish Bangkok Post (Furry)

Tell us a story Dublin Book Review (Anthony L)

The charm of an artist who became famous after his death Wall Street Journal (Anthony L)

#Coronavirus disease

Masks help jurors lie Science blog


“It’s not a question of whether, but when”: Infectious disease experts warn of Omicron surge CTV (Ann L)

From the IM Doc, please remember that there is only a small sample…and remember that the vax rate in his county is very high:

27 [new] COVID cases-in addition to our 21 cases yesterday-

A total of 48 people…42 were vaccinated-11 of them were boosted. 6 Not vaccinated…

In terms of mildness-7 of these patients met the criteria for monoclonal antibodies because their symptoms were severe…

I held my breath for being gentle. This will be the third wave we have experienced-last year’s OCT-this year’s JUN-OCT, and now. All 3 methods start with these large numbers of younger, healthier people who usually gather in the family, and then it takes weeks to get started and really settle down. Hospitalizations and critical illnesses are weeks behind the initial surge. This seems to be the exact same pattern. These patients used to be large family clusters. Many people travel the world by plane during their holidays. The big difference now-more people who are vaccinated are sick. Again-this is not mild. These people are suffering from severe flu-like illness-currently only one person is excluded from this group-so we won’t admit much.

GM added:

I don’t know what happened at this time.

You can see the video of Pretoria here:

One of the doctors said they did not see many real patients with severe illness.

But at the same time, he accepted many interviews with tents and oxygen cylinders in the background, which is very inconsistent with the system without too much pressure. Otherwise, why would they have so many tents…

A British study found that Covid boosters are as effective as 75% of Omicron Financial Times

In case you missed it:




The Pentagon considers implementing COVID-19 booster missions for troops (Kevin W)

Omicron is now sequencing in half of the states in the United States, and experts have issued a serious warning Daily Mail (Kevin W)

The pandemic has caused a crisis in medical capacity, and the three northeastern states deploy national guards CNN (flexible)

COP26/climate change

Climate science models alone may underestimate the scope of damage-research Jerusalem Post (David L)

48 states may usher in the hottest December on record Axios (Troy P)

Climate point: squeeze the national forest for profit USA Today (resilc)


Memories of the future…: This is true for Jupiter, not even for cattle. Andrei Martianov (Chuck L)

Reconquer: In the 2022 elections, Algerian Islamophobics hope to remove France from the “Muslim danger” Cradle (Micael T)

What is the EU for? Hunter (Micael T)

Angela Merkel’s balance sheet in Berlin for 16 years WSWS

New cold war

Russia asks NATO to withdraw its pledge to recognize Ukraine and Georgia Financial Times

The UN General Assembly votes on the “militarization of Crimea” broadcast. Kevin W: “It’s interesting. It’s like the UN General Assembly voting on the militarization of Hawaii.”

The coffee crisis in Central America has fueled a record northward outflow Reuters (Glenn F)

World Bank announces rebranding plan, “Death of Doing Business” is exaggerated CADTM (Micael T)

Big brother is watching you

As technicians race to fix software defects, “the Internet is on fire” Associated Press (David L)

The most recently discovered software defect is “the most serious vulnerability in the past decade” guardian



Memo: Low public sentiment is causing trouble for Biden Hill. OMG, this is the public’s optimistic attitude towards Covid! Watch the bottom fall off.

Democrats think Manchin does not want to vote on Biden’s agenda before Christmas Hill


The court makes the six-week abortion ban in Texas effective and reduces the challenge for abortion providers SCOTUSB log

John Roberts lost control Slate (furry)

How the most serious crimes in nursing homes are concealed from the public New York Times (Kevin C)

Our famous free media

Kill bad guys Dublin Book Review (Anthony L)

Moral panic

Big (fake) child sex trafficking epidemic Atlantic (hairy)

The Taliban and white nationalists are using Twitter Spaces. Washington Post (Furry)

“Tip Point” makes the polarization of the parties irreversible Science Blog (Dr. Kevin)

Wake up the watch

Loudoun County, Virginia: Culture Wars in Four Acts Matt Taiby (hairy). important.

Democrats don’t know how to win the culture war Atlantic (resilc)

The double standards of Nadia Murad and Shamima Begum aviation. David C:

I never thought that even Canadians would succumb to this. Review the memoirs of a woman who was kidnapped and raped by the Islamic State for fear of triggering “Islamophobia.”

Police national watch

Payne.The Supreme Court considers whether the law means that the police can use lethal force at any time when a suspect escapes arrest Stakes (Kevin C)

Talking does not mean breathing, this is a dangerous myth ZMEScience (Dr. Kevin)

Tesla update allows playing video games while driving, and the FBI is not happy Drive (Paul R)

The popular November inflation report may be the best result the White House hopes at this time NBC Finance Channel

Guillotine watch

Bezos’ space drive emits a lifetime of carbon pollution Gizmodo (Paul R)

Large-scale oil spill helped a billionaire avoid paying income tax for 14 years ProPublica (resilc)

Class struggle

“Backyard Warehouse”: When Amazon expanded, these communities paid the price Guardian (resilient)

A shocking list of artists helped convince the Met to delete Sackler’s name New Yorker (furry). The Sacklers did spend a lot of money on these naming rights.

World Inequality Report 2022 (Michael T)

This is the strangest and most realistic humanoid robot ever Nerd (hairy)

Antidote of the day. Timotheus: “Travel photos from friends”:

There is also a bonus (Li):

See yesterday’s link and antidote du Jour here.

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