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The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a request for a moratorium on the death penalty from a death sentence inmate in Oklahoma, and also resolved issues regarding the constitutionality of the state’s injection death penalty agreement.

Bigler Jobe Stouffer was sentenced to death on Thursday morning for the murder of teacher Linda Reeves in 1985. Lawyer for 79-year-old prisoner Come to the Supreme Court On Tuesday, the judge was asked to block his execution.They argued that Stover should be allowed to join the challenge to the state’s death penalty agreement, which was Clayton Lockett’s botched execution In 2014, and until the challenge filed a lawsuit, the state should not execute him.

The issue of Lockett’s execution and Charles Warner’s execution in 2015 led to a six-year moratorium on executions in Oklahoma. The state executed John Marion Grant in October, ending the moratorium. After the Supreme Court rejected Grant’s request for a moratorium, he convulsed and vomited during the injection of the death penalty.

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