Late Wednesday, Joseph Delong, CTO of SushiSwap, the 13th largest decentralized exchange, or Decentralized exchange, Through the transaction volume, he immediately resigned from this role. In explaining his decision, Delong made the following statement:

“I hope Sushi is the best, and I feel sad that Sushi is so dangerous inside and out. The chaos that is happening now is unlikely to lead to a solution that makes the DAO more like a shadow transition than the past without a radical structure.”

Previously, Delong had expressed disappointment that SushiSwap could not be launched on Optimism. A sort of Second layer scaling solution For Ethereum (Ethereum). Delong also claimed that after a $3 million hack on the SushiSwap token launch pad, the centralized exchange received almost no support for the identity of the hacker, calling it “the hardest day of my life so far.”

But it seems that it is not just the technical setbacks of the project that affected Delong’s decision.In a series Follow-up tweets After the announcement, Delong released a screenshot of the suspected harassment of SushiSwap users, and then he quoted “the community is doing this for me.”

“I strongly recommend installing the C suite from outside the DAO [Decentralized Autonomous Organization] And provide them with tools to effectively manage the team. Be wary of any self-appointed leaders in the current core team. “Delong said.