OKEx Blockdream Ventures buys WAXP tokens to bet on the NFT platform WAX »CryptoNinjas

OKEx Blockdream Ventures buys WAXP tokens to bet on the NFT platform WAX »CryptoNinjas



Blockchain platform and NFT Network Global Asset Exchange (WAX) today announced that OKEx Blockdream Ventures, an investment subsidiary of the crypto trading platform OKEx.com, announced its support WAX blockchain ecosystem, The purchase of a large number of WAXP token positions, the specific number of tokens has not been disclosed.

WAX processes 15 million transactions every day, including two-thirds of all game-related transactions, and has more than 450,000 daily users. The platform is also the second tier 1 blockchain with 30-day NFT sales second only to Ethereum.

“WAXP has an advantage in GameFi and can provide a friendly environment for game developers. They also have high performance and low cost, as well as a large player base, among which native games such as Alien Worlds and Farmers World have 350,000 active users every day. OKEx Blockdream Ventures founder Dora Yu said: “The catalyst is the creative content and virtual items pledged by publishers and the community in Metaverse DAO by KOLs and loyal audiences. “

According to Wette’s data, the market value of the NFT market is 43.08 billion U.S. dollars. According to Chainalysis, NFT sales (ERC-721 and ERC-1155) so far have exceeded 26.9 billion U.S. dollars. OKEx Blockdream Ventures has witnessed the active participation of mainstream NFTs in social media NFT integration (Twitter&Reddit), music, culture, art, games, sports, clothing, and even consumer markets; in this new era, more than 1.8 million gamers flocked to it. “

“As a provider of GameFi and NFT infrastructure, WAXP stands out in three areas, including:

  • Competitive GameFi and NFT projects
  • Closed-loop incentives for all participants
  • Smart strategies for sustainable growth”

“In addition, the WAX ??team has developed a great strategy for future expansion and is committed to producing valuable virtual and creative items that will be safely traded on a decentralized platform,” Dora said. “They are an experienced team, designing products for huge demand. In addition to WAX, OKEx Blockdream Ventures will attract others to enter this NFT field.”

“We are very pleased that OKEx Blockdream Ventures has chosen to support the WAX ??ecosystem,” said WAX co-founder William Quigley. “We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership to make the WAX ??blockchain and all of its best performing metaverses, games, and NFT projects available to a wider audience.”


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