10 Thursday morning reading-big picture

10 Thursday morning reading-big picture


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Bloomberg Top 50: People Who Changed Global Business in 2021 Every year we pay attention to those who deserve recognition for their achievements in business, entertainment, finance, politics, and science and technology. Did we put Popeyes chicken sandwiches on the list in 2019? Yes, we support it. Our 2021 version may not be so delicious, but the cultural importance is the same: behold, meme inventory. (Work Week)

This bull market is not always easy Each new generation of investors must learn the same lessons as the previous generation. But experience alone is not enough to make you a successful investor. Experienced investors always panic. Who do you think holds all the funds that really drive market volatility? They also miss big trends, hold traditional positions for a long time, are too confident in their own ideas, and cannot see how the world around them is changing. (A wealth of common sense)

Everyone is talking about data science.Here is how JPMorgan Chase put it into practice. JP Morgan Asset Management is building machine learning and predictive analysis tools for its underlying portfolio managers. Just don’t call them quants. (corporate investor)

This inflation runs counter to the old pattern It is increasingly clear that neither demand nor supply is the culprit in itself. On the contrary, only the interaction of strong demand and limited supply can lead to such inflation. The United States has never seen such a combination, unless it may be after World War II, when the pent-up demand and the shortage caused by the war occurred at the same time. (Wall Street Journal)

Without Dorsey, can Twitter finally flourish? Only a little idea is Jack’s. But today, you see, even in his resignation letter, he is also an “inventor”. One of the greatest quotes I have ever heard about him is that someone said: “The greatest product Jack Dorsey has ever made is Jack Dorsey.” (slate)

BuzzFeed is a public company. How to do? “The fate of BuzzFeed will determine the fate of many other companies.” (Recode)

The dark side of 15-minute grocery delivery: Mini warehouses called “dark shops” are quietly occupying urban retail space. Without supervision, the never-ending demand for faster delivery will only accelerate the erosion of community life. (Bloomberg)

Can Apple bring down the world’s most notorious spyware company? Eight years ago, Pegasus was used to attack Al Arab editor Abdulaziz Alkami. The same spyware was also used to monitor Ahmed Mansoor, a human rights advocate in the UAE, and Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi-American dissident. There were even reports on Friday that in the past few months, at least nine State Department officials dealing with East Africa-related issues have been hacked using Pegasus. This is by far the most widespread hacking attack by U.S. officials using NSO technology. (slate)

Want to help animals?This is the place to donate moneyIf you care about animals and want to reduce their suffering, but are not sure how, the Animal Charity Assessor (ACE) is an organization that may be able to help. The California-based non-profit organization released an annual guide to recommend animal charities, and it just released this year’s list. (sound)

The story of the Beatles’ rooftop concert is at the core of “Get Back” The rooftop show and the related “Let It Be” album are the core of Peter Jackson’s three-part documentary series “Get Back”, which received a strong response, making the album one of the top 40 in the UK, more than a century after its release. (Washington post)

Be sure to check our Master of Business interview This weekend with a former Wall Street Journal reporter (now the New York Times) and co-author (with Elliott Brown) this book”Adoration of us: WeWork, Adam Neumann and the great entrepreneurial illusion. “

The company with the longest time from inception to IPO

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