The University of Maryland Health System spends $5.1 million to recruit staff

The University of Maryland Health System spends $5.1 million to recruit staff


The University of Maryland Health System said on Monday that it launched a $5.1 million in recruitment As the pandemic continues, attract nurses and other bedside staff Put pressure on medical staff.

The system said in a press release that the activity, called the UMMS Community College Tuition Assistance Incentive Program, began in December and is aimed at recent graduates of two-year public schools.

“In the spirit of community, we have strengthened our cooperation with community colleges. The health professional programs of these colleges are an excellent workforce resource. Including schools across Maryland and Delaware Technical Community Colleges,” registered nurse, senior associate of UMMS President and supervisor Lisa Rowen, the head nurse, said at a press conference.

Through the program, 300 registered nurses and 300 other clinical positions, such as nurse practitioners, surgical technicians, radiographers, respiratory therapists, registered nursing assistants, and patient care technicians, will receive US$12,000 and US$5,000 respectively after graduation. According to the press release, to obtain this funding, graduates need to complete hospital induction training, pass applicable licensing exams, and agree to work in the health system for a period of time: two years for registered nurses and one year for other roles. .

“The demand for filling skilled clinical positions is unprecedentedly high, and we hope to become the preferred employer for community college graduates in the health profession,” Rowan said in a press release. “We hope that these funds will help graduates pay most of their education expenses and further differentiate UMMS from other healthcare employers.”

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In the past year and a half, the University of Maryland Medical System has raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour, removed restrictions on paid leave during the pandemic, provided paid repurchase, and increased hourly wages for short-term employees. According to the press release, there are personnel positions such as nurses and respiratory therapists.

As workers leave the field or take up higher-paying travel positions, healthcare providers across the country need nurses and other patient care positions.Many systems provide Recruitment bonus or retention bonus Attract and retain workers, some up to $25,000.

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