The Greatest Stoner Metal Band: Part 2

The Greatest Stoner Metal Band: Part 2



We are back for the next part of the Greatest Stoner Metal Bands. Yes, there are many more. Last time we introduced many of the most mainstream ones, so let’s take a look at some that you may not have heard of before. Stoner Metal is an important part of the metal genre and has infiltrated many different factions, which is untrue. However, these are bands that use hemp as the main part of the brand, and they are very committed to this industry and lifestyle. All these bands are very suitable for listening to Stoned or Sober, and will be an interesting performance. So for all my smoker metal fans, here is the second part of Greatest Stoner Metal Bands.

Green leaf

Let’s start with the wonderful Swedish band Greenleaf. These boys have been around since the late 1990s and early 2000s, and they are still very happy today. They bring a wonderful energy of stone sludge and are perfect for sitting down with joints or wandering in crowds. These guys quickly became one of the most popular niche rock bands with their amazing hypnosis and strange whirlpool soundscape. They are definitely not your ordinary sludge stone metal band. These guys are more than just hard-core metal sounds, they combine the weird brain spinning with incredible singers, and use their music to really massage a stone-like brain. If you want something a little spooky, weird and almost witchcraft, then Greenleaf is the best Stoner band for you. They started as a side project of guitarist Tommi Holappa, bassist Bengt Bäcke and drummer Daniel Liden. However, the membership has changed many times over the years, and Tommi is currently the last original member. Personally, these people are one of my favorite people. They can lie down and enjoy smoking and listen to their opinions.


Next, let’s move to the Polish Stoner metal band Belzebong. These people are newer than some of the bands I have reported. They were founded in 2008. Like many great bands, these people never really show their faces, but instead cover themselves with hair and fog machines. Well, they use the fog machine to cover themselves with fog, they don’t actually use the fog machine to cover themselves. This gave them a slightly cheeky self-awareness that I like. I never like metals that are too serious. As far as recording is concerned, they are an instrumental band, and although they once had a singer, there is no vocal recording available. I really like that they are an instrumental band, because when you are stoned, you can get lost in their music or play in the background without overwhelming your brain.

Remote snowman

We returned to the United States with this Stoner metal duo called Telekinetic Yeti. The boys are from Iowa and were only established in 2015. This band is very heavy, but there is also an interesting creative aspect, a breakthrough in the guitar part. They are not just ordinary stone, mud and metal. This is not the first band formed by Alex Baumann and Anthony Dreyer. Before they formed Telekinetic Yeti together, they both worked in many other bands. They quickly combined their performances and immediately began to perform. Their popularity also grew rapidly, and soon these shows were scheduled at an incredible speed. The first album was released in 2017, and it was absolutely popular among Metal Stone Men. They continued to release music until this year, and it seems that they have no plans to stop. If you want something a little psychedelic but still very nice and heavy, this is definitely a good listening.


The band with this interesting name comes from Louisiana and was founded in 1988. Technically, they are considered sludge metals, but they have a coarser aspect. These people are more famous than some of the bands we have seen in this article. In fact, they are considered one of the pioneer bands of Sludge Metal and one of the most popular bands in the NOLA metal world. The original name of the band is more suitable for weed and general drug culture. The band started to live on Acid as Snuffleupagus because their original purpose was to become a joke band. However, after signing with record companies and becoming more and more popular, the band’s attitude towards music became more serious. The music became heavier and heavier, and the band began to perform with other large heavy metal bands. They have experienced a long and prosperous career. In fact, to this day, they still enjoy acting and recording very much. They released a new album called “The History of Nomadic Behavior” this year.

Black bear

Let’s end a band from Sheffield, they actually own their own cannabis brand. Musically speaking, this band is perfect for people who like to test their limits. They are very heavy, but they also have a wonderful hypnotic effect. Their lyrics are very intense and the music is very well written. These guys occupy an important position in the British underground metal industry with their unforgettable and cruel music brands. Their strain is called KuroKush and was created in collaboration with Name Seeds. The breeder is located in Spain. Due to the cooperation, the black bear is the first sludge metal band with its own strain. The strain is a beautiful deep purple and black color that echoes the Kuro aspect of the name, meaning black in Japanese. This tension is as strong as the band’s music, and is a combination of Black Venom and Bloodfire Lebanon. Bands and strains are definitely worth a try.

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