The 2021 BTC obituary list has accelerated this year, recording 41 Bitcoin deaths – Featured Bitcoin News

The 2021 BTC obituary list has accelerated this year, recording 41 Bitcoin deaths – Featured Bitcoin News


As Bitcoin and some encrypted assets have depreciated in the past two weeks, it seems that everyone’s hopes for the six-figure price of Bitcoin have become out of reach. However, so far this year, the value of Bitcoin has risen by more than 150%. Despite the increase, skeptics and critics still believe that Bitcoin is dead. In fact, the notorious list of Bitcoin obituaries shows that the number of obituaries in 2021 and 2019 ranks third.

Bitcoin obituary: 2021 is linked to 2019

On November 10th, Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Reached a record high of US$69,000 per unit and has since fallen below the US$50,000 area. After the leading crypto assets depreciated sharply during the market downturn, it seems that higher prices gave skeptics a chance to announce that Bitcoin is dead. In 2017, when Bitcoin Very close to reaching 20,000 USD per unit, List of Bitcoin obituaries, Hosted on shows that 124 bitcoins died that year.

Second year Bitcoin The obituary was in 2018, as there were 93 statements stating that Bitcoin has died. This month, the number of bitcoin deaths in 2021 tied for third place with 2019. Following the crypto bear market that hit a record high in 2017, a total of 41 Bitcoin obituaries were received in 2019. As of November 29, 2021, the same number of death sentences have been executed in 2021.

The 2021 BTC obituary list has accelerated this year, recording 41 Bitcoin deaths
Statistics of notorious Bitcoin obituaries hosted by

The last obituary says BitcoinOn November 29th, the author Bill Blain (Bill Blain) published on the website The Bitcoin obituary was called “Bitcoin is nothing but a Ponzi scheme.” Brian claimed that cryptocurrencies would also accelerate inflation.

“Encryption is fake, not money,” Brian’s Bitcoin obituary insisted. “As a store of value, it’s too unstable, it’s scarce, and it’s not a unit of account. I can explain why it can’t operate as a currency because it’s likely to prove to be an inflation promoter, equivalent to Pour gasoline on the fire.”

Bill Bryan: “The regulator will be exposed for not taking action in advance”

In addition, Blain said that he occasionally reads information about the blockchain technology behind digital assets. “I will regularly delve into the countless rubbish disguised as blockchain geniuses, the mathematics and calculation logic behind encryption,” Brian emphasized in his opinion article. “Read it for yourself-it is 10% fascinating and 90% completely rubbish. Mathematics dyslexia is furious, pretending to be original thinking and a’proof of concept’.” Bryan’s harsh comment on the crypto economy added:

The reason why cryptocurrency is booming is because social media, the Internet, and connectivity make it easy to spread scams in the global market at an alarming rate. They succeeded because the regulators did not stop them-this is a tribute to China’s lead in this regard. One day, the last bigger fool will want to get his money back, and the regulator will be exposed by not taking action sooner.

Although Blain published his own opinions, as well as the other 40 Bitcoin obituaries published before his opinion editorial, Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Is still alive. In this world, there are not many assets that can be called “dead” or “near death” after their value has risen by more than 150% in 12 months. Blain also criticized cryptocurrencies in general, many of which have a significantly higher percentage of value inflation than BitcoinYear-to-date earnings.

The so-called number of deaths in 2021 recorded on is also much greater than BitcoinThe Bitcoin obituaries from the previous four years are added together.This shows that the more Bitcoin As the crypto economy matures, they seem to get more counterattacks from critics and doubters. Although there are many death calls in 2021, it seems that their theory is not strong enough to prevent Bitcoin from collecting obituaries for another year in 2022.

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