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Ricardo Navarro, a leading ecologist in El Salvador, believes that mining Bitcoin with volcanic or geothermal energy will “end in an environmental disaster”. Navarro believes that geothermal energy is more costly than oil, and believes that El Salvador’s millennial president Naibu Bukler’s decision is questionable.

Salvadoran ecologist Ricardo Navarro questioned his country’s volcano-driven Bitcoin city venture capital

In the second week of June, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele (Nayib Bukele) Tell the public Latin American countries plan to mine Bitcoin (Bitcoin) The energy comes from the country’s volcanoes.At the end of September, Booker Shared a video The initial construction of a Bitcoin mining facility driven by the El Salvador volcano. Now, El Salvador’s chief ecologist Ricardo Navarro (Ricardo Navarro) criticizes the president and his government.

Salvadoran ecologists claim that Nayib Bukele’s volcano-driven Bitcoin mine will “end in an environmental disaster”
El Salvador’s leading ecologist, Ricardo Navarro, is an environmentalist who believes that Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele’s recent Bitcoin concept is questionable.

Salvadoran Ecologist explain To Telegraph writer Simeon Tegel, it makes no sense to develop a “Bitcoin City” next to a volcano. “Talking about building this city next to a volcano is like thinking you are rich because you live next to a bank,” Navarro said. Navarro also elaborated that geothermal energy is still an expensive job, not much better than using petroleum resources. Navarro insisted:

The cost of geothermal is still higher than that of oil, otherwise we have used more geothermal. What will eventually happen is that we will only buy more oil.

Navarro insisted that “Booker doesn’t really understand the changes in the energy situation”

Navarro is worried Regarding the consequences of the so-called climate crisis in the world.The ecologist runs a non-governmental organization CESTA (El Salvador’s Center for Appropriate Technology), who Recently discussed On November 10th, Politico’s special author Bjarke Smith-Meyer discussed this topic.

Salvadoran ecologists claim that Nayib Bukele’s volcano-driven Bitcoin mine will “end in an environmental disaster”
An aerial view of a volcano-driven Bitcoin mining facility in El Salvador.

At the time, Navarro rejected the idea of ??a volcano-powered Bitcoin mining facility because he wholeheartedly believed that the facility would require more energy than just geothermal energy. “My impression is that Booker doesn’t really understand what happened [with] The energy situation,” Navarro told reporters. “This will definitely complicate… the demand. “

Navarro also claimed that El Salvador’s digital currency environment may attract drug lords. Salvadoran ecologists stated that the Bitcoin tendering law was implemented hastily without debate. “If you have something good to promote, you propose it, discuss it, and then present your argument. But Bitcoin is not the case,” Navarro emphasized to Smith Meyer.

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