KJK Title IX Attorneys Announce New Real Talk Podcast Episode

KJK Title IX Attorneys Announce New Real Talk Podcast Episode


Cleveland, OH, 12/06/2021 / KJK Title IX Student & Athlete Defense /

KJK Title IX Attorneys Susan Stone and Kristina Supler are pleased to announce a new episode of their Real Talk Podcast. The episode, titled “Academic Integrity & Plagiarism – Keeping it ‘Ouriginal,’” takes listeners through the complex nature of detecting plagiarism and the importance of promoting academic integrity. The two attorneys are joined by Eric Gibbs, President of ‘Ouriginal,’ an academic integrity software tool that assists colleges, universities, and other academic institutions identify written work. Their discussions also involve topics surrounding the impact of pandemics on cheating, the concern over academic file sharing sites as well as opportunities available for parents and educators who wish to create teachable moments for students.

KJK Title IX Attorneys
Attorneys Susan Stone and Kristina Supler

The discussion starts with Susan sharing her experience as to how she and Kristina used to get one cheating case a year and how they are now flooded with plagiarism cases. Kristina agrees that there has been a surge in these academic integrity cases. They introduce plagiarism or cheating detection software which can be a very helpful tool for universities and educational institutions to take appropriate action on the students who do not display academic honesty. Eric Gibbs, the President of Ouriginal, explains that the tool is not about assuring academic integrity but prevention of plagiarism in the first place.

In today’s world of advanced technology, certain students are tempted to adopt shortcuts, which has been made worse by the pandemic. Eric further explains how the global pandemic has challenged both students and instructors with online classes. On top of that, there is the issue of academic file sharing sites, which Eric feels is more serious and is present at a larger scale in the student community, sororities and fraternities. These unauthorized file-sharing sites have spread to even sports teams and science clubs.

The podcast is an eye-opener covering some of the most burning topics related to academic integrity, intellectual property and the like. The software ‘Ouriginal’ is available at an institutional level. It is not sold to an individual student or faculty member. The tool was designed to support the institution’s academic integrity initiatives. Parents, teachers, instructors, coordinators and students who wish to learn more can click on the link below.

KJK Title IX Student & Athlete Defense

The Title IX attorneys at KJK work closely with students and professors facing any such allegations. These attorneys have been representing campus students ever since the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter was implemented. They have represented students at more than 135 colleges and universities in Title IX and campus misconduct matters.

To learn more, visit https://studentdefense.kjk.com/2021/11/11/real-talk-podcast-academic-integrity-plagiarism-keeping-it-ouriginal/

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KJK Title IX Student & Athlete Defense includes extremely qualified and experienced Title IX and campus misconduct attorneys who also work in reputation management and criminal defense. The attorneys also advocate for students with learning disabilities and ensure that they receive equal access to education. The firm offers services to fraternal organizations, K-12 students, physicians, residents, fellows, faculty, preschool students, scientists and researchers, university faculty, staff and students.



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