The Kleiman v. Wright trial has ended, and Craig Wright and his defense team have won all claims except for one conversion offence. According to a court reporter, Craig Wright, who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, said he “sighed a sigh of relief.”

Craig Wright’s defense won all claims except for the conversion-Wright said “I will not go anywhere, I am here for the long term”

After the jury is over Deadlock inside Kleiman v. Wright In the last few days, the jurors made their decision on Monday, December 6, 2021. Craig Wright and his defense team from Rivero Mestre LLP successfully defeated all the allegations, except for one allegation.

The jury ruled that although most of Wright’s charges were exempted, he must pay W&K Info Defense US$100 million and no punitive damages. Law360 reporter Carolina Bolado, who participated in the trial, explain Judge Beth Bloom praised the lawyers who provided “excellent representation” to their clients.Borado also detailed Wright said he was “incredibly relieved.”

The plaintiff Kleiman Estate accused Wright of manipulating the Bitcoin heritage and intellectual property rights of his former business partner Dave Kleiman. The initial trial and discovery of the lawsuit have been delayed for many years, and there are various mysteries in the middle.

Bitcoin (BSV) Supporters Famous Wright’s victory on social media platforms and forums.However, other cryptocurrency advocates criticize The publication Coingeek reported the verdict in a biased manner. Coingeek author Jordan Atkins claimed in his book title “Bitcoin creator Craig Wright is 100% Satoshi Nakamoto, Kleiman v. Wright said the jury.”

“Thank you for your support over the years,” Wright Say in the video response After the verdict. “This is an amazing good result, I think it makes perfect sense. “Next, there will be more battles. Everything will change… from cryptocurrency to digital cash, just as it is. My original invention is back. I’m not going anywhere, I’ve been here for a long time, I’m here to fight. “

Bitcoin advocates scoff at Wright’s alleged victory

Some other Bitcoin advocates different opinions result.Alistair Milne Said: “Craig Wright was convicted of stealing the assets of his deceased partner and fined $100 million.” Attorney Stephen Palley Tweet: “Haha. Those who think that being beaten by the jury with a $100 million exchange (theft) verdict is a victory.”

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“Craig Wright was a liar who pretended to be Satoshi Nakamoto without evidence and was sued by others or similar people. I don’t remember,” Billy Marcus, co-founder of Dogecoin Tweet“In any case, the whole thing is stupid, and my tweet is just making fun of idiots who blame the developers and founders for the current transaction price.”

The lawyer representing Kleiman seemed satisfied with the verdict, when he Tweet “100,000,000” has a smiley emoji. “Craig Wright is now officially the most bankrupt Faketoshi ever,” Twitter account Arthur Van Pelt Said. Is that part of the Guinness World Records? “He went further Ask.

This lawsuit may result in some type of appeal process by both parties to the juror’s recent decision. The hustle and bustle on social media is no different than it has ever been, because Wright’s supporters wholeheartedly believe that this decision is a huge victory, and Wright’s critics believe that this case proves that he did something wrong. Either way, the verdict may not change any strong prejudices that support or oppose Wright, regardless of whether his Nakamoto story is true or false.

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