Ross Ulbricht Genesis series NFT auction sees millions of dollars in Ethereum bids – Bitcoin News

Ross Ulbricht Genesis series NFT auction sees millions of dollars in Ethereum bids – Bitcoin News


Two days ago, on December 2nd, the auction of Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection Non-Homogeneous Tokens (NFT) assets kicked off at Art Basel Miami via the Superrare platform. The Ulbricht NFT series auction will end on December 8. So far, the auction bid is 666 Ether, or approximately US$2.6 million. In addition, the Pleasrdao project aims to increase the stakes, as the “Free Ross DAO” bid for the series has raised 1,042 Ether or US$4.2 million so far.

Ross Ulbricht NFT auctions millions of Ether

In the third week of November, news Report exist Ross Ubricht Genesis Collection auction held at the beginning of the year Art Basel MiamiThe auction was initiated on the Superrare NFT market platform, collect It is a classification of ten artworks by Ross Ulbricht.

“The curator Inside view, This is the first and only NFT containing Ross Ulbricht’s personal work,” the announcement details. So far, the Ulbricht NFT series is in great demand. So far, Ultra-rare data Show a bidder named “”@toxicbitcoinmaxi Bid higher than @starry night” The bid was 666 ether on December 3rd. At the current exchange rate of Ether, this is worth more than $2.6 million.

Ross Ulbricht Genesis series NFT auction sees millions of dollars in Ethereum bids
Ross Ulbricht’s NFT artwork is called: “The Judgment I Seen”. Graphite pencil drawing created in prison. A creative interpretation based on Rose’s view of his trial, seen through his own mask.

666 after winning the bid Ethereum, The Twitter account belonging to the creative director is at Swan Studio, Brekkie told his 40,000 Twitter followers that Ulbricht’s NFT art is very inspiring.

“Ross works of art are beautiful, and his vision of life, no matter what, is inspiring,” Breckey Tweet“I hope that one day he will be free. This is the freedom that many of us take for granted every day. Yes, I am opposed to Ethereum and so on, but we are all human beings, especially Rose.”

Saturday, December 4, 2021, Ulbricht’s petition for leniency The number of signatories hosted on is 42,833, which is still far from reaching 500,000 signatures.

‘Free Ross DAO’ competitors

In addition to “@toxicbitcoinmaxi”’s bid on Superrare, Ulbricht’s NFT collection can also be Pleasrdao project Plans to subdivide the artwork.

“Ross Ulbricht founded the Silk Road, introduced cryptocurrency to hundreds of thousands of people, and was sentenced to two lives and a disproportionate imprisonment of 40 years,” Pleasrdao’sFree Ross DAOThe initiative explained. “Today we are united to raise funds for Ross to purchase his Genesis collection and protest the injustice of the American prison system. “

At the time of writing, “Free Ross DAO” has collectively raised 1,042 Ethereum Or worth US$4.2 million.The declaration of the decentralized autonomous organization emphasized: “We will release Ross. Advance prison reform. We will share Ross’s work with the world and give everyone a unique opportunity to own a part of it.” Ulbricht also has Said He hopes to extend a helping hand to his fellow prisoners, and his “art is a way” he can help.

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