Lambert is here: “Scientists and public health officials are debating when to change the definition of’complete vaccination’ to include booster injections.” (1) When, not if. (2) “A” booster. In the singular.

Author: Victoria Knight, a reporter for Kaiser Health News. Originally published in Kaiser Health News.

As more and more indoor venues require proof of vaccination during entry and winter — and omicron, a new variant of Covid — imminent, scientists and public health officials are debating when to change the definition of “fully vaccinated”. To include booster shooting.

Many Americans have completed vaccination courses against the new coronavirus for more than six months; statistically, their immunity is weakening.

At the same time, as of Friday, at least five states have reported cases of omicron variant infections. Omicron has at least 50 mutations, some of which seem to be related to increased transmission.The World Health Organization named it Variations of concern November 26.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has Respected Everyone 18 years and older can get the Covid Booster, which has revised its narrower guidelines to say that only people 50 years and older “should” get the vaccine, and young people can choose whether to do so. Scientists hypothesize that the additional shots will provide important protection against the new variant, although they are not sure how much.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor White House Press Conference Wednesday was unambiguous in providing advice to the public. “It is now being promoted,” Fauci said, adding urgency to current federal guidance.about One in four U.S. adults An additional vaccine dose has been received.

“The definition of’fully vaccinated’ has not changed. That is, you know, after you get a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, after you get a dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” Rochelle Wallen, director of the CDC Dr. Sky said. White House briefing on Tuesday On the coronavirus. “We absolutely encourage those who are eligible for a promotion six months after these mRNA doses to get promotion. But we have not changed the definition of’fully vaccinated’.” It is recommended to inject booster two months after receiving Johnson & Johnson injection.

But she pointed out that this may change: “With the development of science, we will study whether we need to update our definition of’fully vaccinated’.”

Nevertheless, the Democratic governors of Connecticut and New Mexico are sending different signals in their states, and some countries, such as Israel, are arguably the most aggressive country. Some scientists pointed out that many vaccines require three doses within six months to provide strong long-term protection, such as injections against hepatitis. Therefore, “full vaccination” may need to include a third shot to be considered a complete course.

“In my opinion, if you were vaccinated six months ago, then you are not fully vaccinated,” Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont Said at a press conference on November 18At that time he encouraged everyone to be promoted, even before the federal government authorized each additional injection.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham had a similar response in mid-November, saying that she defined “fully vaccinated” as receiving Three photos of mRNA typesBefore the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration, she also opened up booster qualifications to all state residents.

What do different views of evolving science mean for vaccine requirements imposed by travelers, schools, or workplaces? What about companies that require customers to provide proof of vaccination?

Dr. Paul OffitThe director of the Vaccine Education Center at Pennsylvania Children’s Hospital said that the CDC strongly recommends that everyone send him a booster signal that booster vaccines are now part of the vaccine treatment plan. However, Offit, who is also a member of the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee, Wrote a joint column This week, he and two other scientists believed that not everyone needs boosters, and healthy young people should wait to see if they might need omicron specific boosters.

“I think when the CDC said they recommended the third dose, they just stated that it was a three-dose vaccine series,” Offit told KHN. “And, frankly, I think it will cause trouble for the task.”

What remains to be determined is whether restaurants or other places of business will pay more attention to vaccine cards for boosters.

Dr. George BenjaminThe executive director of the American Public Health Association stated that it is too early to say. “For now, companies should focus on current guidelines,” he said.

PhD.Mark SiegelThe Associate Professor of Medicine at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences said that it is a semantic question whether you have completely received two doses of the vaccine or need a booster. The level of Covid immunity is a more important issue.

Siegel said that he thinks the more appropriate term is to say that someone is “appropriately” or “fully” vaccinated against the new coronavirus, rather than “completely” vaccinated, because more boosters may be needed in the future-making ” “Comprehensive vaccination” has become a moving target.

However, as with many aspects of the pandemic, the ambiguity—whether in the federal guidelines on the definition of “fully vaccinated” or in admissions policies, varies by state, school, and business.

Currently, companies do not seem to check boosters, but this may change. Therefore, it may be wise to check the request first-lest the customer shows the passport for two vaccinations, but is turned away because of insufficient protection.


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