10 Sunday Readings-Big Picture

10 Sunday Readings-Big Picture



Look away!mine Sunday morning Look at incompetence, corruption, and policy errors:

Trump called his aides hours before the Capitol riots to discuss how to prevent Biden from winning Trump on the afternoon of January 6. Multiple sources described Trump’s involvement in subverting the election results. Donald Trump on the afternoon of January 6. Multiple sources described Trump’s involvement in subverting the election results. The source told the Guardian that Trump pressured the lieutenant at the Willard Hotel in Washington to postpone the certification of the election results. (protector)

Years of delays, billions of overruns: the bleak history of large infrastructure America’s most ambitious engineering project is mired in delays and skyrocketing costs. Delivering $1.2 trillion in new infrastructure will be difficult. (New York Times)

Your herbs and spices may contain arsenic, cadmium and lead CR tested 126 products from McCormick, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and other popular brands. Almost one-third of people have heavy metal levels high enough to cause health problems. (Consumer report)

The third force: on stupidity and transcendence “Stupid” does not mean being unwise or even unaware. Stupidity is the denial of reality, so that one’s own survival, not to mention the survival of others, is threatened. Stupidity ignores negative consequences; it fell into a pit. Extreme stupidity leads to negative consequences; it looks for a pit. It has a willful component: let the ocean rise, let the virus raging, you can’t scare me. (Harper Magazine)

Jared Kushner’s Saudi crimes of kissing and murder are about to be paid offThe former first son-in-law was about to receive a very large cheque from his Saudi friends, and all he had to do was to get them at large. (Vanity Fair)

Jesus cried: Are Christians hurting Christianity? Even if the church should adhere to a higher standard, considering who it claims to represent, why is it more reliable than any other institution? Because it can only be as perfect as its least perfect member. And since there is no such thing as a perfect member, it is only a matter of time before the law of averages catches up. (Low tide)

Sunshine Warrior: Ron DeSantis has a plan to deal with extreme weather. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hopes to rebuild a civilian military force during the Second World War controlled by him instead of the Pentagon. But what is certain is that this is about “hurricane response”, because you really need to deal with hurricanes are 200 guys with guns, they are only responsible to the governor. (barrier)

A huge failure-the flattering media can’t save Chris Christie’s new book “Since the polls appeared, he left New Jersey as the least popular governor. But he is still the catnip of the state media.” Part of the avalanche reported by the eager Christie represents a ruthlessness in the Ring Road News It insists that the Republican Party still has a functioning faction that can and will resist Trump’s unstable and dangerous behavior. (Press run)

The mantra of white supremacy The idea that anti-racism is synonymous with “anti-whiteness” is an open extremist claim. (Atlantic Organization)

The story of two thefts In the United States, only certain types of theft are newsworthy. (Popular information)

Be sure to check our Master of Business interview This weekend with John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins. Doerrr supports some of the most successful technology start-ups, including Compaq, Netscape, Symantec, Sun Microsystems, Amazon.com, Intuit, Macromedia, and Google.He is also the author of a best-selling book Measure the important things; His latest book is Speed ??and scale: an action plan to immediately resolve the climate crisis.

Except for the United States, during the entire pandemic, the proportion of refusal to vaccinate is 15-20%

Source: Jim Reid, Deutsche Bank

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