After the Ethereum and Binance smart chain vulnerabilities were exploited, Bitmart was hacked for $200 million

The $200 million Bitmart hack was first disclosed by the blockchain security and data analysis company Peckshield, which initially identified a Transfer about 100 million U.S. dollars On the Ethereum blockchain.

The team’s further investigation revealed that the BSC reserves of the cryptocurrency exchange were also hacked by a total of 96 million U.S. dollars:

The cryptocurrency exchange Bitmart lost nearly $200 million in a hot wallet hosted by Ethereum (Ethereum) And Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

The hackers mixed more than 20 tokens, including altcoins such as BNB, Safemoon, BSC-USD and BPay. A large number of meme coins (such as BabyDoge, Floki and Moonshot) have also been hacked.

according to For Peckshield, hackers are a simple case of transfer, exchange, and cleaning:

Bitmart CEO Sheldon Xia later confirmed that the hacking on Twitter was a “large-scale security breach” targeting ETH and BSC hot wallets:

“At the moment we are still summarizing the possible methods. The hacker was able to extract assets worth about $150 million.”