Link 12/2/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 12/2/2021 | Naked Capitalism



Lanesboro helps drafters out of the ditch iBerkshires (resilc)

Why insects are more sensitive than they seem BBC (Dr. Kevin)

Five clichés that never really happened at office Christmas parties Daily mashed potatoes

Imagining the Invisible: Ten Years of the Fukushima Disaster Science Focus (David L)

The United Nations says that more than one-third of the world’s population has never used the Internet guardian.The penetration rate of mobile phones in Africa is only 50%, which may include some dumb phones

DeepMind’s AI helps solve the mathematical problem of knots Nature (Kevin W)

Dream empire John Michael Greer (Chuck L)

#Coronavirus disease

We still haven’t seen the pandemic as a global problem New republic

Science/medicine. Gosh, in Freud’s note, I entered “marketing” instead of “medicine”

This interactive map shows where Covid omicron variants were detected NBC Finance Channel

We will see more effort to estimate Omicron’s R0:

I asked GM his reaction:

The analysis is okay, the parameters are uncertain.

My bet is R_0 or higher near Delta and is almost completely immune to escape

He is more optimistic about both

Epidemiological relevance of COVID-19 vaccinated population is increasing The Lancet (RR) representative part:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified four of the top five counties with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated populations (99.9-84.3%) as “high” transmission counties. Many decision makers believe that people who have been vaccinated can be excluded as a source of transmission. When deciding on public health control measures, ignoring the vaccinated population is a possible source of related transmission, which seems to be a serious negligence.

Studies have found that many severe Covid-19 survivors will die within a year Gizmodo (Kevin W)

Warning: The mental health crisis triggered by COVID will be a costly second pandemic Institute of New Economic Thinking

Cognitive bias in crisis decision-making COVID-19 Actuary Response Team. PlutoniumKun highlights:

For those who are scientifically trained, it is not easy to consider precautions before collecting the observed data. The Chief Medical Officer of England, Professor Chris Whitty, told the Science and Technology Committee in November 2020 that he would prefer to make recommendations based on observed data. This is a perfectly reasonable and reasonable preference, but it is clearly inappropriate in emergency situations when there is no time for ideal data collection. The opposite approach is seen in Singapore: in April 2020, wearing a mask becomes a mandatory requirement rather than being discouraged. This is a common-sense courtesy to others, long before clear scientific evidence of its value is obtained.

Some experts believe that Omicron variants may have evolved in animal hosts state. GM suspects:

This is more likely to be the origin of the weakened immune function.

I have a feeling that people are trying not to go there because they don’t want to bring stigma to South Africa-this is really important, and it will have this impact.

But all the parts are perfectly combined:

1. We know that chronic infections produce strange mutations. We have observed this type of infection many times.In the west and south africa

2. It comes from South Africa, the place with the largest number of immunocompromised people on the planet. The other three very worrying variants have come from-B.1.351, C.1.2, B.1.638-more than anywhere else in the world.

3. It does not come from countless other places that have seen human-to-human transmission.

4. Insertion at position 214, repeated in SARS-CoV-2, directly linked to polymerase, borrowing a sequence from mRNA. This sequence matches human mRNA.

5. On the spike protein, especially in RBD, there is a very strong positive selection feature.Of course, this may be an adaptation to a new host, but it is more concisely interpreted as choosing immune evasion during long-term chronic infections

FDA generated the first 91 pages of documents from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine documents Aaron Siri (Furry)


Basil Pesto on Scottie from Marketing’s buck pass:

“Lemon”: Alliance strives to keep Covidsafe application data confidential Guardian (Basil Pesto)


Japan cancels total ban on inbound flight bookings in criticism Nikkei


Fauci said Omicron should not cancel the year-end holiday plan Bloomberg


Goldman Sachs: Oil market overreacts to Omicron Oil price

JPMorgan Chase strategists said that as Omicron may accelerate the end of the pandemic, buy on dips Bloomberg. Tell the story immediately. Yes, for money manager clients who help JPM, the bonus depends on the year-end results. Or as a successful investor once pointed out, when you see someone peddling stock on CNBC, your reservation is not that they own it. That is they are uninstalling it.

COP26/climate change

The International Energy Agency calls renewable energy “another year of record growth” guardian

Vermont has just adopted a climate action plan. This is how it says we should reduce emissions. Vermont Public Radio (David L)

Report finds that major fashion brands are related to Amazon deforestation Grist


Worried about Peng Shuai, WTA suspends Chinese tennis tournaments Sydney Morning Herald. Kevin W:

A female tennis player said that this would mean the Women’s Tennis Association lost 300 million US dollars, and this would have to look elsewhere. So when does the Tennis Professional Association do the same to men?

Germany’s incoming foreign minister vowed to take a hard line against China The Straits Times. Kevin W: “She kind of reminds me of Samantha Ball.”


The Indian peasant movement shattered Narendra Modi’s strongman image Jacobin (Chuck L)

Cooperation between India, Pakistan and the Taliban Asia Times (Kevin W)

EU officials: semiconductor independence is impossible Tom’s hardware

New cold war

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is imminent? Gilbert Doctorow (Guurst)


United Nations official and American ambassador.The UN warns that Israeli squatters are escalating violence against Palestinians Juan Cole

Tel Aviv ranks among the most expensive cities in the world for the first time France24 (resilc). Aiee, there is definitely no Sydney, Paris or Hong Kong.

Senate skeptics are right: stop selling missiles to Saudi Arabia American Conservative Party (resilc)

Big brother is watching you

Qualcomm’s new always-on smartphone camera is a privacy nightmare edge


As the reconstruction was better destroyed, the National Defense Bill was considered a “must pass” bill The truth is revealed

Simon Sanders leaves the vice president’s office politics. The mouse left the sinking ship. The complaint that was apparently leaked to the media was that Biden did not treat Harris like her team, and Harris thought it would almost certainly not work well.

Gosh, so right-wingers who talk about pedophilia are not completely crazy, even if it (merely) covers up pedophilia instead of “rings.” But now we will not hear its end.

Democratic Party pajamas

Can Michelle Obama lead the Democratic Party to victory in 2024? RT (Kevin W)

Secretary of State Campaign: 2022 is more important and more complicated than ever – Sabato’s crystal ball (user friendly). The secretary of state in most states oversees and certifies elections.


Memo: Trump’s justice looks set to restrict abortion Hill.

What Americans really think about abortion FiveThirtyEight (resilc)

Women across the U.S. fight for abortion rights NPR (furry)

If Roe is overthrown, abortion may take 200 miles Axios (resilc)

Black injustice tipping point

A white woman in New York City drove a BMW through 50 Manhattan BLM protesters. The protesters refused to plead guilty and sentenced to six days of community service. Instead, they demanded a trial: said activists started assaulting luxury cars while she was driving down the street Daily mail. I can’t believe she got the deal. It will be tested in New York. Typical jurors are middle/lower-middle-class urban employees or hourly workers. Have a certain degree of sympathy for BLM in the city, but have a lot of dislike for those who drive by themselves (if you are wealthy, usually you have a car just to go out on weekends and park your car) in many or your buildings In the garage), not to mention the luxury car drivers who think that the rules do not apply to them. DA also doesn’t like criminals who disrupt plea deals. I hope the prosecutor bombed her, but it looks like she has been kicked so far.


Michigan school shooting: suspect, 15 years old, accused of being an adult British Broadcasting Corporation

Chilling video, the diary found that parents faced censorship in the Michigan school shooting “absolutely premeditated” Daily Beast (Furry)

Alec Baldwin said he did not pull the trigger in the Rust shot guardian. Kevin W: “‘Police officer. Officer. It just disappeared in my hands.'”

supply chain

Solve the supply chain chaos and compete with Wall Street Washington monthly

Past explosion: PG&E continues to privatize San Francisco’s electricity Yasha Levine

Pfizer is lobbying to stop whistleblowers who reveal fraud intercept

After the rollover accident, a Tesla fan was arrested for drunk driving in a minivan Smoke gun (resilc)


Investors snapped up Yuanjie Real Estate in the virtual land boom New York Times

Guillotine watch

The legend of temperament between Jeff Bezos and the Inquirer reaches the final chapter The Wall Street Journal. Remember dick pix?

Class struggle

> MLB, MLBPA failed to reach a new labor-management agreement; ESPN’s first league suspension since 1990

In the era of “big resignation”, baseball players want to choose a place to work Mike Elk

Delivery, ride-hailing companies and EU gig workers plan to fight Bloomberg

The latest news from one of my pet disturbances: Dimash Kudaibergen “Ikanaide” | The 20th Tokyo Jazz Festival YouTube.notes
Dimash sings in Japanese, and native speakers say that he has mastered the pronunciation.

Daily antidote (Greg S):

There is also a reward (Ian P):

Another bonus:

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