Igor Tarakanov’s suicide case after shooting down MH17

Igor Tarakanov’s suicide case after shooting down MH17



Yves came to us to run this article because the underlying rotational movement is consistent with the disturbing trend in the US that continues to escalate with Russia. Bellingcat’s efforts to reheat the very cold MH17 pot is another indicator of belligerence.

John Helmer explained in a broad and detailed way why Western claims about the MH17 crash are not valid, even to the extent that official reports from countries where there were victims on the flight are inconsistent. But even before we start…Why does a passenger plane pass through a military zone? Why do Russia or the Ukrainians allied with Russia want to shoot down a passenger plane? Even if they did shoot down the plane, it must be an accident, because it is hard to imagine someone stupid enough to think that shooting a passenger plane instead of a military target would do anything to help.

Please note that this article was written by Liane Theuerkauf, guest writer of “Dancing with the Bear”.

Author: Liane Theuerkauf, Munich.Originally published on Dancing with the bear

Igor Tarakanov is a Russian soldier.

Two weeks ago, on November 17, he made his first public appearance, saying that he had escorted a group of Russian Army BUK missiles from Russia into Ukraine in early July 2014; it was Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on July 17, 2014 Day was shot down and destroyed a few days ago.

Tarakanov’s statement contradicts everything that the National Intelligence Council, the State Department and the White House have known for seven years; the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Agency (MIVD); the Russian Ministry of Defense; the joint investigation team (JIT) led by the Dutch police ; Dutch prosecutors participated in the murder trial at Schiphol Airport in March 2020; President Hendrik Steenhuis and his secret investigating judge; Dutch lawyer defending Russian military officers at the dock ; And the Ukrainian Security Service SBU, which is responsible for controlling all the evidence in the project file.

Tarakanov is an unusual name, and Russians are not keen on it. It means cockroach. As far as insects are concerned, they are very old—about 350 million years old—very hardy and numerous. There is no evidence that the soldier Igor Tarakanov exists-except for the English publication of the Bellingcat organization two weeks ago and the Russian publication of the related publications. this Inside story.

In their story, Tarakanov was one of 34 Russian soldiers who retired from active service and was recruited as an international mercenary. 33 of them were arrested in Minsk, Belarus on July 29, 2020. The conspiracy was dubbed the “Wagner Gate” by the media. This is a reference to a Russian private military company called Wagner. According to reports, Tarakanov is the 34th person who has not been arrested.

Quick memory: Last year, on July 29, 2020, the Belarusian KGB and OMON special police arrested 33 Russians living in rural resorts outside Minsk. Soon after, prosecutors in Russia and Ukraine filed extradition requests. Kiev claimed that the Russians arrested in Minsk were employees of Wagner. They fought in the conflict in eastern Ukraine and committed war crimes against the Kiev army with separatists.

The media made crazy speculations about why these 33 men were in Belarus. The rumors ranged from the alleged conspiracy to overthrow Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko shortly before the presidential election on August 9, 2020, to the SBU conspiracy to arrest these people, extract confessions for war crimes trials in Kiev, and possibly place them in the Netherlands MH17 Statement in the experiment.

When the time came, it was confirmed that an assassination in Ukraine had indeed taken place, and 33 Russians fell into the trap. Facts have proved that Russian and Western media reported that Ukrainian agents pretended to be Russian private military companies, using false websites, false e-mails, false identities and Russian company heads to provide false information to these people. Signed a contract to serve as a security guard for Rosneft’s oil operations in Venezuela.

The selected recruits were lured from Russia to Belarus and a flight from Minsk to Istanbul was booked for them. They were told to fly from Turkey to Havana and then to Caracas. Ukraine’s plan was to force their Turkish flight to cross Ukrainian airspace and land in Kiev, and arrest them at the airport. This plan is similar to that in May 2021, that is, 10 months later, the Belarusian opposition member Roman Protasevich flew over Belarus on a Ryanair flight over Athens and Vilnius, Lithuania. When arrested.In Germany, such operations are called Suicide mission (“Suicide Squad”).

On July 31, 2020, the Belarusian news agency BELTA published a list of 33 detained mercenaries, including their names, father’s names, and dates of birth. In the first message, the detainees were referred to as employees of Wagner’s foreign private military company.

From this list, New newspaper Moscow can release More details about everyone. About one-third of the detainees are veterans of the Wagner Group. “Before considering the reported version of the appearance of these savages in Belarus, let us look at the questionnaire they filled out…”

Source: https://novayagazeta.ru/

Source: https://www.ukrinform.net/

Western media, agents, and many government officials readily accepted the version published by the Ukrainian state agency Ukrinform. That’s why the nickname of this matter became Wagner Gate.

According to CNN, a Ukrainian government source said, Wagner Gate It was “Ukraine’s orchestrated intelligence assassination, with the understanding and so-called support of the United States. According to Ukrainian intelligence officials, the Ukrainian-led operation received U.S. cash, technical assistance, and information on how to attract Russian mercenaries from the Central Intelligence Agency. Recommendation. A senior US official told CNN that these statements were “false.” He said that the US intelligence services were aware of the operation but denied any involvement. The official who requested anonymity requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly. He Said that attempts to implicate U.S. agencies may be to share or even shirk responsibility for errors in Ukraine’s high-risk operations. CNN spent several weeks in Ukraine verifying and reviewing the accounts of the operations and talking with insiders.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

This CNN report was published on September 8, 2021, just a few days before Bellingcat began broadcasting. CNN did not mention Tarakanov or BUK missiles. The US intelligence agency or Ukrainian government sources who reported to CNN also did not mention that MH17 was shot down or tried. “According to CNN’s Ukrainian sources, this failure has dealt a serious blow to the Ukrainian intelligence services. They said that the Ukrainian intelligence services have been working to seduce Russian suspects for nearly 18 months. A source told CNN News.com, “If these people eventually come to Ukraine, the details of their crimes will be known to the world. The source added: “Ukraine could have brought them to justice and showed that our struggle with Russia was serious and that we would not surrender. “”

CNN two weeks later, the story of Wagner Gate resurfaced in the Ukrainian media on September 24, 2021. One of Bellingcat’s writers, Christo Grozev (main picture), told Ukrainian publications that the three Russian candidates’ participation in the fake Venezuelan operation “may be involved in the MH17 crash. Two of them boasted that they were at the launch site, but To be honest, this is not supported by objective data.” Pay attention to the disclaimer of dummy verbs and evidence.

According to Grozef, one of them claimed that he “accompanied the team with the BUKs and participated in the team of these BUKs in a management role. [note the plural] From the border of Ukraine and Russia to the distribution point in the Lugansk region. “

Igor Tarakanov made his debut. Bellingcat admitted that he did not go to Belarus with others; he was not arrested; there is no evidence of his BUK statement other than what he said. At first, Bellingcat didn’t give him a name. A few weeks later, it surfaced on November 17. Publication“At least two mercenaries claimed to have used Russian-supplied anti-aircraft weapons in and around a location near Snizhne on certain days, which may make them useful witnesses for the ongoing MH17 trial. One of them hired The soldier even said he escorted a BUK-TELAR [transporter-erector-launcher-and-radar] In early July 2014, an anti-aircraft weapon of the same type as the one that shot down MH17 crossed the border between Russia and Ukraine. “

The identified individual has not yet been named Tarakanov. In their report, there were no photos of him and other people identified by Bellingcat. The sources of these documents include documents created by the SBU to seduce Russians. The earlier claim that BUK-TELAR batteries have been deployed in the Lugansk region disappeared from the report. The number of BUK dropped from a few to one. Tarakanov’s name appeared in the report as one of them, but he did not appear in the group from Moscow to Minsk. There is no evidence that the missing man talked about escorting BUK-TELAR into Ukraine before July 16, which was the official date proposed by the Dutch prosecutor in the MH17 trial.

In parallel publications in Russian an expertAccording to reports, the 34th man is still expected to appear in Moscow and travel to Minsk with the team. “On July 15, 2020, I purchased 34 air tickets from Minsk to Istanbul that took off 10 days later. With the help of the Ukrainian travel agency hired by the scouts, I found 34 air tickets to Turkey on July 25… GUR Main characters of interest [Ukrainian military intelligence agency] Was included in the list of 34 people… Therefore, on July 15th, 34 tickets were purchased that departed 10 days later from Minsk to Istanbul. “

Source: https://theins.ru/
The Insider repeats the same claims of the Bellingcat report that one of the 34-man group had escorted BUK missiles into Ukraine in early July; that Tarakanov had been one of the original 34 recruits; and that he had dropped out. In the Bellingcat version, the 34th man had gotten suspicious; in the Insider version he had become ill.

A report kingdom It shows that on July 15, 2020, Turkish Airlines’ seat reservation and ticketing (paid in cash) only counted 33 people instead of the 34 people reported by Turkish Airlines. an expertThese Turkish Airlines e-ticket data show that Minsk has no planned or expected 34th person. These data were released on August 2, 2020.

Source:  https://regnum.ru/

Alexander Kotz’s research Communist Youth League Pravda In Moscow, it was revealed on August 6, 2020 that the 33 names originally booked were flying to Istanbul by Turkish Airlines, and the travel documents, booking agents and travel documents of several of the 33 men arrested in Minsk Photo.

Source: https://www.kp.ru/

The link between Tarakanov as the 34th person and the deployment of the BUK TELAR missile a few days earlier than the Dutch version came from a questionnaire collected by the SBU from a false recruitment operation. Reveals that the paper delivered by BUK-TELAR in early July has not yet been published. They are missing, just like Tarakanov himself.

More than a year ago, Coates reported on the arrest in Belarus.he still Report Regarding the role of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the first is to make a plan, and then to expose what went wrong with the Ukrainian operations. “Intelligence and counterintelligence operations are not figure skating or rhythmic gymnastics, where the performance of complex elements is evaluated. Here, success or failure is evaluated by the final result. Like hockey, it is necessary to check the scoreboard. There today, We see Russian citizens at home. If it were not for the failure of the CIA and its Ukrainian partners, what is this?”

According to Coates, report This month, Russian counterintelligence sources told him that two CIA agents in Kiev, Timothy Skovin and Brian O’Bern, were stinging the Russian conspiracy. planner.

Left, Timothy Skovin; right, Brian O’Bern. Source: https://www.kp.ru/

According to Kotz, the delay in the flight plan of 33 mercenaries in Minsk came after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky (Vladimir Zelensky) ordered that he had just reached an agreement with the Kremlin on a temporary ceasefire in the Donbass battle. . The delay led to the arrest, which Coates claimed was a coordinated operation of the Russian and Belarusian service agencies. “Russian counterintelligence agencies worked hard to prevent this from happening, and thus quickly and effectively solved the entanglement. Almost everyone who participated in the first national prank in history was named.”

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