The jury found that the TeamHealth clinicians paid by UnitedHealthcare were too low

The jury found that the TeamHealth clinicians paid by UnitedHealthcare were too low



The Las Vegas jury ruled on Monday that UnitedHealthcare has lost a round of legal proceedings with TeamHealth.

A subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group underpaid TeamHealth’s emergency services, and the court ruled in a decision that the provider group accepted private equity allegations that the largest insurance company in the United States reduced clinicians by $10.5 million.

The decision ended the emergency physician company’s record of the first of 10 outstanding cases against the largest insurance company in the United States. TeamHealth’s subsidiaries in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas all challenged UnitedHealthcare’s reimbursement.

UnitedHealthcare and TeamHealth did not immediately respond to interview requests.

The case was decided on Monday Started last month, When Fremont Emergency Services, a subsidiary of TeamHealth, sued UnitedHealthcare in the Clark County District Court in Nevada. According to the plaintiff, UnitedHealthcare responded to its 2019 commitment to terminate the contract with the provider group and reimburse them at an illegally low interest rate, thereby unbalanced the bills of patients outside the network. TeamHealth claimed that the insurance company paid 80% less than the costs prescribed by its clinicians.

In this and other cases, UnitedHealthcare retorted that TeamHealth’s unreasonably high fees caused it to be removed from the insurance company’s supplier network. The insurance company argued that the company’s private equity owners were bent on creating additional profits, which led to higher health care costs. The private equity firm Blackstone Group acquired TeamHealth for $6.1 billion in 2017.

On the contrary, TeamHealth claims that UnitedHealthcare has weakened the supplier for its own financial benefit.

TeamHealth’s trial starts in a few days UnitedHealthcare filed a separate complaint In the US District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, a lawsuit was filed against the provider group. The insurance company claimed that TeamHealth deliberately and systematically tricked the insurance company into paying more than $100 million in fraudulent claims.

UnitedHealthcare’s statement echoes those of other insurance companies and analyzes the performance of private equity-owned supplier groups in the market. According to these sources, companies like TeamHealth avoid signing contracts with insurance companies and charging high fees, resulting in patients receiving many unexpected bills. TeamHealth disputes these conclusions.

When the accident-free bill that limits accidental charges comes into effect next year, the charges for emergency services will be balanced. Instead, the payer and provider will have to reach an agreement or seek the judgment of an independent arbitrator.

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