The charity platform expects that the cryptocurrency donated on Tuesday will be much larger than the fiat donation

Engiven is a crypto donation platform that has helped promote donations to the Salvation Army and others. It is expected that religious groups and non-profit organizations will see a large number of crypto charitable payments in Tuesday’s donations tomorrow.

Celebrated in the United States on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, people and organizations gather to contribute time and money to worthy causes—no matter where they are. James Lawrence, the founder of Engiven, said that given the rise in the price of Bitcoin, he expects to see more crypto-based donations as part of a global campaign of generosity.Bitcoin), ether (Ethereum) And other tokens.

According to Lawrence, the platform has provided cryptocurrency donations to more than 400 faith organizations—— Include A single BTC donation in October was $10 million – and when people chose cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange, the donation was “nearly 50 times higher.” He reported that since 2011, the average donation on Engiven using a credit card has been approximately $150, while the average donation for any cryptocurrency is $7,500.

Lawrence said: “In the current state, if donors appreciate that they have more than a year of cryptocurrency, then cryptocurrency donation is not only an effective donation, but also an important tax deduction.” “Look at our platform. It’s not uncommon to donate five or six figures to various ministries.”

He added:

“Cryptocurrencies may be difficult to understand, but the value of converting major cryptocurrency donations into cash is not the case. This is what is happening.”

Given helpful Before Christmas in 2020, a cryptocurrency donation was initiated for the Salvation Army, one of the largest charities in the world. At that time, many American residents were socially isolated, locked down, or unable to actually put cash into the organization’s traditional red canteen. According to the platform, the Salvation Army will continue to work hard this holiday to carry out fundraising activities around “Red Pot Encryption”-the charity currently accepts BTC and ETH.

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The Giving Block, another allows non-profit organizations and Charity accepts crypto donations, Is also seeking to raise funds for Tuesday’s donation event, also known as Tuesday’s cryptocurrency donation Announce The goal by 2022 is more than 100 million U.S. dollars in cryptocurrency donations, “Hundreds of non-profit organizations are preparing to raise funds for cryptocurrencies throughout November and December.”

Lawrence said: “Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most non-profit organizations had online strategies, and donations were part of it.” “Today, any faith-based organization, church, or non-profit organization cannot ignore its online audience. , Donors and seekers. Encryption is quickly becoming part of this online ecosystem.”