The best DnD course for you: Part 2

Hello, my cute little nerd, and welcome to Part 2 of the Best Stress of the DnD course. Last time we watched some basic classic games, including wizards, bards, thieves and warriors. This time we will look at some less well-known courses and some other classic courses. My recommendations are based on the general personality characteristics of these courses, although this is a generalization, I am pretty sure they will be discovered. But obviously, if I’m wrong, then hush, I’m not a mind reader, you can play whatever you want.


This is one of my favorite courses, and the real druid is my favorite person. Common druids love animals and nature, and at the same time are passionate about arcane arts. Druids are great because they vary from fierce and cunning to sweet hippies who just want to make friends with mushrooms. They often get along well with animals, and have the ability to transform into various beasts, and are very handy in battle. If you have a real bear by your side, you may have a better chance of defeating an orc. To realize the full potential of a druid, you need to be considerate, cunning, creative, and intelligent. Although druids are shapeshifters and warriors, they are often friends of healers and plants, so let’s find something that fits both sides of the coin. Harlequin Central Business District It feels like a good choice, even though my brain tells me to move in the direction of LSD. Harlequin has a certain degree of attention to it, and I think it is very effective for druids. However, it is still a bit psychedelic and happy, making you feel at one with nature.


This is my course, and I like it very much, because you can use it again to do whatever you want. Monks are martial arts masters, they can use the spiritual energy called Ki to do amazing things, and they can use the energy flowing through their bodies. So basically, if you combine Monk and Genasi like I did, you will become an element bender like “Avatar”, which is great. Becoming a monk does require a certain level of concentration, but they are also known for not being afraid of fighting and conflict. The monk is quick and dexterous, with a sneaky element. If you play this role correctly, you can play the role of a scout or a warrior according to your team, and provide a huge help to your team. This does mean that as a monk, your attention may be distracted.I think kitten It is a great choice for monks. This is motivating and focused, but also exciting and happy. You can feel your spiritual energy merged into one, and at the same time have motivation and concentration, to kill a large group of enemies in one breath. Playing as a monk may be more difficult than other combat positions, so please get something in the focus department.


Let’s talk about our cute tank, barbarians. Unlike fighters, barbarians tend to have very similar basic camps. They care about responsibility, honor, and personal code of conduct. They are usually very traditional participants who will carefully consider everything they do and take full responsibility for the results of their actions. It’s not what you expect from courses marked with Barbarians. These characters are also very concerned about family, tribe members and friends, and they also have an amazing sense of community. They are not completely wild cards, they will not fight for their own glory, but to protect others. It takes a lot of wisdom to become barbarians, because they can always find a way to reverse a dangerous situation.Barbarians are leaders, honestly, I’m not sure they will smoke marijuana, but if they do, I think it’s going to be like Charlotte Angel CBD. I think barbarians are practical smokers, so they can regenerate after fighting low THC and high CBD. They are not so interested in leisure and entertainment, but want something relaxing, soothing, and can help them recover after fighting, so that they can become the best selves the next day.


Let’s hear from the therapist. The main focus of these roles is to keep the slightly crazy and more dangerous happy class alive. This does not mean that the pastor is not a badass in any imagination. They are powerful magic users who can cast impressive spells, heal friends or hurt enemies. They are one of the classes with more religious beliefs, and everyone follows the god of their choice. The priest is a firm believer in their god, and the power of this faith provides them with magic. Pastors are usually wiser and stoic than other professions, focusing on their sacred pursuits and supporting their group. These mysterious healers are connected to the mortal world and the planes of the gods. Basically they are like a super magic priest. In terms of personality, this may vary, but I often find that pastors are straight men in campaigns. When your bards and thieves run around making pranks, making immoral decisions to get what they want, and pushing the team in increasingly bizarre directions, the pastor is a kind and rational voice. I think pastors use weeds to help their rituals to help them talk to their gods. For this reason, I think we want something as powerful and contemplative as Master Kush. This strain is strong and the brain has a relaxing effect on the body. It is very suitable for real partition and enjoyable chat with your god. With this pressure, the pastor can lock himself out of the interference of the mortal realm and communicate peacefully with higher beings.

There is still a lot I want to introduce, but at the risk of doing more, I will give you some time before we return to the best strains of the DnD course, but I assure you that we will come back.

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