Michigan sets another record: 4,229 hospitalized due to COVID-19

Michigan sets another record: 4,229 hospitalized due to COVID-19



Michigan broke another record during the pandemic, reporting 4,229 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in hospitalized adults and children across the state.

In recent weeks, the fourth surge caused by the delta variant of the virus has accelerated, resulting in a high number of hospitalizations as of Monday.

The state plans to announce the number of cases accumulated before the Thanksgiving holiday later this afternoon. The state reported 17,003 new COVID cases between November 23 and 24, including 280 deaths, including 143 cases reported during the record review period. As of November 24, the statewide positive rate had risen to nearly 18%, only a few percentage points lower than the record high at the beginning of the pandemic last year.

Among the patients currently hospitalized with the deadly virus, 48 ??are pediatric cases and 903 are in the intensive care unit. There are 577 COVID patients using ventilators.

As the number of people in Michigan increased, Medical personnel approved by the federal government The US Department of Defense will be deployed at Beaumont Health in Dearborn and Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids. Starting this week, each hospital is expected to receive 22 military doctors and nurses for a period of up to 30 days.

There are several rural hospitals in the state, including Su Sheng’s War Memorial Hospital. Marie and Munson of Traverse City also asked the state government to request military personnel on their behalf.


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