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Dancer, singer… spy: The French Pantheon pays homage to Josephine Baker guardian

A weird card trick Chalk gray

The 26-year-old Guatemalan stowaway was found in the landing gear of an American Airlines flight at Miami Airport-survived a two-and-a-half-hour journey at an altitude of 33,000 feet and temperatures as low as -54F Daily mail

Pilgrimage, conflict, and naked women: a Russian businessman’s impression of 15th-century India scroll

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Fame American Conservative Party

Best History Book: 2021 Wolfson Prize Finalists Five books

Hampstead’s Paradise: 150 Years of the Badlands Financial Times

Country Diary: Underground Secrets of Hadrian’s Wall guardian

A masterpiece stolen by the Nazis British Broadcasting Corporation

Surveillance, companionship and entertainment: the ancient history of smart machines Readers of MIT Press

Hope the “Rabbit Hotel” can help the UK population decrease guardian

Mel Brooks writes all this New Yorker

Owlet stopped selling its baby monitoring smart socks after receiving a warning letter from the FDA Small invention

#Coronavirus disease

Scientists quickly identified a variant of Omicron.But the exact answer to its impact may take several weeks statistics

WHO says the Omicron Covid variant poses a “very high” global risk guardian

Omicron is here. The United States must act now. now. Zenip Tufec.

Biden will provide an update on the U.S. response to the omicron variant on Monday Hill


Canada found two cases of Omicron variant, the first confirmed in North America French Press Agency

A Chinese study warns that if the United States, the United Kingdom and other “open” strategies are adopted, Covid-19 will break out on a “large scale” Times of India


High-level meeting recommends cautiously resuming international flights?? Hindus

South Africa: Locals and tourists despair of travel ban German wave

Covid: South African President calls for lifting of Omicron travel ban British Broadcasting Corporation

Omicron: Japan closes its doors to foreign countries Asia Times

Morocco suspends all flights over Omicron Al Jazeera

Covid: Dutch police arrested fugitives in quarantined hotel British Broadcasting Corporation

Airlines are scrambling to deal with rapidly declining travel prospects Bloomberg


Opinion: Compulsory vaccination now does not help German wave

The U.S. focuses on booster shooting as the best strategy against new variants Wabo

Switzerland rejects plan to cancel COVID health pass German wave


Omicron Governor Kathy Hochul orders the cessation of elective surgery during the peak of COVID New York Post


Why Moderna won’t share the rights to the COVID vaccine with the government that pays for it electric wire

With the postponement of WTO meeting, vaccine disputes test global trade relations politics

2.5 million nurses ask the UN to investigate “Covid-19 criminals” who block patent exemptions Common dream

Our famous free media

Documents show that Bill Gates has provided US$319 million to the media to promote its global agenda Grey area

COP26/climate change

Australia’s spy agency predicted the climate crisis 40 years ago – and worried about coal exports guardian

Lessons from Moby-Dick on global warming Recoil

Rare hunting scenes raise questions about polar bear diet France 24

Waste observation

Nurdles: The worst toxic waste you may have never heard of guardian

Biden Administration

JOHN KIRIAKOU: About pardoning turkeys Consortium News

The end of anesthetics? London Review of Books

Biden’s challenges, gambling, and aspirations lay the foundation for the 2022 election Wabo

The Biden Drilling Report was criticized as “a shocking surrender to the needs of corporate polluters” Common dream


The Supreme Court will take an all-or-nothing abortion fight Associated Press

The last clinic standing: America’s abortion battle returns to the Supreme Court Financial Times

Class struggle

The wave of unionization is reshaping museums and cultural institutions across the U.S. The truth is revealed

The price of NYCHA lies: a Brooklyn girl poisoned by officials covering up danger city

As passengers return, crime rates on Los Angeles trains and buses have risen: “The poor suffer the most” Yahoo Finance

Big brother is watching you

Biometrics, smartphones, and surveillance cameras create new obstacles for U.S. spies Wall Street Journal


Banknotes, Goods and Services Taxes, and Blockades: How the Modi Government Destroyed Small Businesses in India scroll

The Indian peasant movement shattered Narendra Modi’s strongman image Jacobin

Sikh farmers and expatriates are sad but not surprised by the fake social media accounts that protested electric wire

Tomato farmers in Chittoor: on a thin red line Indian Rural People’s Archives

India question: Can Trinamool become the new parliament? scroll


Is China’s chance of success in maintaining social distancing on the world stage slim? South China Morning Post

As the U.S. hunts down Chinese spies, university scientists warn against strong opposition now

China’s evolving food security strategy diplomat

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