Dr. Akram Boutros will retire at the end of 2022 as CEO of MetroHealth

Dr. Akram Boutros will retire at the end of 2022 as CEO of MetroHealth



Dr. Akram Boutros announced on Monday, November 29 that after leading the public health system since 2013, he will retire at the end of 2022 as MetroHealth’s president and chief executive officer.

Boutros was included in the system to help transform MetroHealth and establish long-term sustainability, and “exceeds the expectations of the board, employees, and the community.” MetroHealth board chairman Vanessa Whiting once served on the search committee that hired Boutros, he said Press release.

The press release stated that since 2013, MetroHealth has opened two hospitals, three emergency departments, 10 community health centers, 9 pharmacies, and sent healthcare providers to more than a dozen local schools. It was pointed out that under Boutros’s leadership, the system’s annual revenue increased from 785 million US dollars to more than 1.5 billion US dollars.

During his tenure, MetroHealth opened the Lincoln West College of Science and Health (the only high school in the hospital) in 2018. Boutros has also developed the only Ebola treatment center in Ohio and has established dozens of partnerships, including those with UH-Rainbow Infant and Children’s Hospital, ProMedica, Cleveland Innovation District and Cuyahoga Community College.

“I fell in love with MetroHealth during my first visit, and it has been the honor of my life to become its CEO,” Boutros said in a provided statement. “I never thought we would achieve such a great achievement so quickly. In the past 8½ years, MetroHealth System has become a national leader, known for its community focus and excellent financial strength. I am very happy” It can be said that we have achieved our vision of becoming the most respected public health system in the country. With the opening of the Glick Center and Behavioral Health Hospital next year, now is the right time to hand over the baton to MetroHealth’s next leader. “

The system also began a $1 billion renovation of its main campus on West 25th Street, led by Boutros. 25 acres of green space-the first hospital in a park in the country-will surround the new MetroHealth Glick Center (opening in October 2022) and the outpatient and administrative building (opening in 2023). The investment has supported or will support more than 6,000 new and existing jobs, brings a total economic benefit of 900 million U.S. dollars to Cuyahoga County, and helps promote the development of the Clark Fulton/MetroHealth Ecological Zone, which is the first A hospital sponsored a certified ecological zone in the world according to the published news.

In addition, according to the press release, Boutros led the system because it integrates social services to establish equity, promote justice, and improve the health of people and communities.

He also motivates political leaders, entrepreneurs, and communities around an integrated healthcare model that goes beyond traditional medicine to address the social determinants of health problems. According to the press release, these efforts include developing affordable housing throughout the community, distributing healthy food, providing educational opportunities, job training, and legal services.

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AES Management President Whiting said in a provided statement: “We are very grateful for his leadership and the strong position he has given us to attract the next great CEO.” “He guided our care towards The development of a unique patient-centered system-wide approach that actively addresses the social determinants of health problems is a national model. He recruited and cultivated a leadership team that excels in nursing, operations, and innovation. He brings Long-term-our financial stability has been long-term, our revenue has doubled, and we have created a business that supports our mission.”

According to the press release, his focus on inclusivity, diversity, and fairness extends to the systematic workforce, stating that 39% of MetroHealth’s new employees in 2020 are racially or ethnically diverse. According to the press release, to date, the campus renovation project has achieved a workforce goal of 50% of county residents, 18% of urban residents, 22% of ethnic minorities, and 5% of women.

According to the press release, Boutros increased the number of employees from 6,200 to nearly 8,000, increased the system’s minimum wage to $15 per hour in 2019, and provided employees with health insurance without deductibles and copayments.

During Boutros’s tenure as CEO of MetroHealth Foundation, it brought the largest donation in its history—— $42 million from JoAnn and Bob Glick -Raise the campaign target from 100 million U.S. dollars to 150 million U.S. dollars. According to the press release, MetroHealth has returned more than $650 million to Cuyahoga County through free care and community benefits programs in the past three years, twice the national average.

According to the press release, under his leadership, MetroHealth took over all medical responsibilities of the Cuyahoga County Correctional Center, resulting in a change in results, and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections conducted a model review.

The MetroHealth Board of Directors is issuing a request for a proposal to retain the headhunting company, which will help conduct searches nationwide, and will announce the newly formed search committee members in December. The committee is organized by MetroHealth trustees, doctors and staff. Formation of partners and community leaders, according to the press release.

“Acram has been preparing the board and health system for this day,” Whiting said. “We are grateful for him to arrange a good position for us and give us enough notice to run a thorough process to determine who is best to replace him. MetroHealth’s clinical strength, national status, strong leadership team, financial strength and Coming soon-becoming the most advanced major hospital and campus will enable us to attract a large number of candidates.”

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