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DogPhone will let the dog use the phone Gizmodo (Dr. Kevin)

Millionaire German Shepherd sells a 9-bedroom Miami mansion owned by Old Madonna for more than $30 million Yahoo (David L)

The never-aging ant with a terrible secret Atlantic (dk)

#CheetahCubdate 8: Little home on the grass Smithsonian (hairy). It’s too sweet, your teeth will hurt.

Visualization of Low Earth Orbit Leo Laboratories. Chuck L: “Spacecraft and debris visualization.”

Steve Wozniak’s startup, Privateer, plans to launch hundreds of satellites to study space debris Space (furry)

NASA spacecraft will hit an asteroid in the first planetary defense test Natural (hairy)

Avoid data disaster FastAI (dk). Since the beginning of this month, it is still closely related.

Norway’s first electric autonomous cargo ship launched Technology exploration

One day robots may be as smart as ants NOEMA (David L)

The brain can recall and awaken past immune responses Quanta Magazine (David L)

Antibody breakthrough in mice could lead to Alzheimer’s disease vaccine Science Alert (Chuck L)

Oedipus is on the path of his life Antigone Magazine (Anthony LO

#Coronavirus disease

China has provided a complete COVID-19 vaccine dose for 76.3% of the population Reuters (resilc)


The study found that wearing a mask can reduce new Covid-19 cases by 53%-this is the best public health measure to fight the virus Forbes. Research: The effectiveness of public health measures in reducing the spread of covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, and covid-19 mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis BMJ

SARS-CoV-2 may be lurking in animal hiding places Economist (Dr. Kevin)


Covid recovery in Europe brings new records and restrictions Diablo (David L)

Covid in Scotland: John Swinney urges the abandonment of vaccine passports era


CDC Advisory Committee recommends expansion of Covid-19 vaccine booster eligibility Statistics (Kevin C)

COP26/climate change

Save the planet, one bottle of beer at a time… Young Henry (guurst)

Source: Brazil retains deforestation data before COP26d Associated Press (David L)

Connect the point between flooding, landslides and deforestation in British Columbia Narwhal (Chuck L)


China and the United States begin “responsible competition” Asia Times (Kevin W)

Peng Shuai: WTA is preparing to withdraw from China due to the missing tennis star Guardian (hairy)


Ryanair withdraws from the London Stock Exchange in December due to Brexit The Guardian (Kevin W)

French fishing line: Macron said that Paris “will not succumb” to Britain in the Brexit disagreement Sky

Old Brady

Read the entire Twitter storm (guurst):

“Betrayal to the North”: Conservative MPs frustrated by the downgrade of the railway plan The Guardian (Kevin W)


A generationSeizure of ships carrying smuggled fuel on its southern coast Bloomberg

Saudi-led coalition targets Houthi military bases Middle East Online

Big brother is watching you

A Chinese company is collecting data from millions of Amazon customers and selling it to Amazon’s own third-party sellers Business Insider (David L)

Porch cameras and Facebook groups are turning streets into surveillance Walrus (David L)


Julian Assange and the British Public Service Crisis Consortium News (Micael T)

Empire Folding Watch

When the U.S. military and family are starving, they don’t believe in the help of the Pentagon (Kevin W)

Alsibiad and the trap of personality politics Antigone Magazine (Anthony L). Inspiring.


Biden’s health is exposed RT (Micael T)

Cannabis depression on indigenous lands highlights legal divisions Associated Press (David L)

Boy Scouts abuse the bankruptcy system Adam Levitin, Bloomberg


Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted: real-time update New York Times (Furry)

Rittenhouse Judgment Glen Greenwald

If you follow last year’s bad report, Rittenhouse’s verdict will only be shocking. Matt Tybee

Family of the man shot by Rittenhouse: “We are heartbroken” Hill

Read President Biden’s statement on the ruling of the Rittenhouse trial White House (Kevin C)

Our famous free media

New York Times Translation: Democrats should not challenge oligarchy Consortium News

Wake up the watch

Manhattan School classifies children by race during social justice discussions New York Post (JS). MLK will spin in his grave.

Lionel Trilling opposes the abolition of culture Bystander (hairy)

CalPERS has set a stock target of less than 50% for the first time in decades Sacramento Business Magazine (Kevin W)

Philips recall of sleep apnea devices raises new concerns Wall Street Journal (fk)

McKinsey Investment Fund fined $18 million by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for compliance errors Financial Times

Get used to expensive coffee.And it might taste worse Bloomberg. Well, the taste has gotten worse.


A CNN reporter tried Tesla’s fully autonomous driving in New York City.It has been trying to become an oncoming traffic Business Insider (Kevin W)

Tesla is almost at the bottom of the Consumer Reports reliability list SFGate (Kevin W)

Tesla driver can’t start car after power outage British Broadcasting Corporation (resilc)

Electric SUV has the lowest reliability ranking: Consumer Reports The price of oil (guurst). IMHO, SUV is a plague.

Class struggle

Can a larger national service plan bring the country back together?? New Yorker (furry). It is only natural that 1% of children will not participate.

Companies are using inflation as an excuse to raise prices and make higher profits-which makes the problem worse Business Insider (Kevin W). Quill surprise!

Inflationary sense of inflation (with Stephanie Kelton) Michael Moore (Furry)

CVS will close hundreds of pharmacies in the next 3 years New York Post. Kevin W: “Drugstore Desert?”. Moi: Pharmacies are beginning to think they can compete with grocery stores, which leads to a larger footprint. I am worried that they have gone too far in that direction.

Antidote of the day. I hope what I am doing. Bob H: “Henry’s favorite habitat”:

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