Encrypted payment gateway ForgingBlock integrates Polygon »CryptoNinjas

Encrypted payment gateway ForgingBlock integrates Polygon »CryptoNinjas



ForgingBlock, a decentralized cryptocurrency payment gateway, announced today that they have begun to integrate Polygon, a platform for Ethereum expansion and infrastructure development.

The payment gateway includes e-commerce plug-ins, payment APIs, checkout pages, and servers with high security, and can be easily integrated for merchants and the Polygon developer community.

The development provides a secure and user-friendly payment gateway for merchants and developers who want to use payment functions (such as donations and e-commerce payments) in their decentralized applications, thereby supporting the Polygon blockchain ecosystem.

“We see that every blockchain project puts a huge effort into creating its own payment applications, platforms and e-commerce plug-ins, which is reinventing the wheel. Polygon is an innovation for teams who want to move fast and innovate Development environment, we believe that the integration of effective projects will enhance ForgingBlock’s user and merchant experience.”
– ForgingBlock team

ForgingBlock’s cryptocurrency gateway provides:

  • Complete REST encrypted payment API (the API supports CURL, NodeJS, PHP and Go)
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • 8 e-commerce plugins (WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Magento 2, Drupal, etc.)
  • A checkout page
  • Point of sale support and credit card payment
  • Reliable payment server maintenance


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