Showcase 2021: unique details

Showcase 2021: unique details


Design Showcase recognized four other projects that were nominated as finalists in the competition. Here, we share some unique design elements that make the jurors stand out.

Evangelical Community Hospital, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Submitted by CallisonRTKL

The Evangelical Community Hospital tried to revitalize its existing hospital by adding a new bed tower connected to the old building. To ensure that the new design from the main entrance to the ward supports a patient- and family-centric care model, the team validated the concept by using physical and virtual models and user group testing. The project improved efficiency by changing the double ward into a single ward with nested bathrooms, thereby expanding the staff care area and improving the line of sight from the corridor to the patient. In addition, sliding doors are designated for the ward, which reduces the overall floor width and allows light from the all-glass outer ward wall to reach the corridor. At the same time, a decentralized care model is adopted, including the development of decentralized drug storage with nurses and pharmacies. (Photo source: Courtesy of HDR ©2020 Dan Schwalm)


Grand Island Regional Medical Center, Grand Island, Nebraska.
Submitted by HDR

Initiated by a group of local doctors and business leaders, it aims to bring community-driven, health-centric healthcare solutions to Grand Island, Nebraska. The design of the Grand Island Regional Medical Center is to capture and celebrate Promoted by local dialects. For example, the exterior of this 173,000-square-foot building uses a red open seam panel system that conveys the classic red barn of the Great Plains and the modern, clean architectural form inspired by the nearby Prairie Pioneer Stewart Museum. The move to integrate the main mechanical system above the rough stone podium on the second floor allows the upper ward to enjoy the scenery through wide windows. On the walls of the ward adjacent to these windows are full-height graphics showing the Midwestern landscape, each room has a unique scene. The graphics can then be viewed from the outside at night, resulting in a glowing lantern effect. The final recognition for the community comes from the built-in flexibility of expanding the service population in the future, supporting the addition of surgery and emergency rooms, and the vertical expansion of patient towers. (Photo source: Courtesy of HDR ©2020 Dan Schwalm)


Penn Medicine Radnor, Radnor, PA.
Submitted by Ballinger

As part of a mixed-use development project to transform an existing suburban office park, Penn Medicine Radnor contributed to the regeneration of the site in many ways. Overall, the design of the plot itself places the building on the periphery and eliminates ground parking lots, creating more opportunities to introduce nature. The components of the master plan site (office building and hotel) are connected by a network of pedestrian paths and sometimes share amenities—for example, the office building shares Penn Medicine Radnor’s micro farm and outdoor party kiosks. The building itself also utilizes environmental management and naturalism, and its aesthetics are defined by light-filled spaces, warm neutral tones and natural-inspired graphics. In order to further blur the distinction between inside and outside, the glass curtain wall, wide windows and glass bridge between the two wings create a naturally lit lounge, surrounded by seats and views. (Photo credit: Albert Vecerka)


UCHealth Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver and CU Sports Medicine Center, Denver
Submitted by BSA LifeStructures

The University of California Health Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver and the University of California Sports Medicine Center provide holistic care methods, including orthopedic clinics, physical therapy, rehabilitation spaces, operating rooms, imaging, training, and running tracks and lawn fields. The design itself helps support an immersive sports performance experience. When patients arrive, they can immediately see the inspiration for the outdoor lawn, while a high-rise, well-lit lobby displays the sight of the gym and golf course adjacent to the venue, and integrates a sports-inspired digital wall display and sports Case team souvenirs. The building also reflects its location. Its exterior uses Colorado Bluff stone, wood tones, and a lot of natural light and landscape to integrate indoor and outdoor. At the same time, the interior design always prioritizes daylight, including light wells for illuminating clinical areas, and transparency between spaces, such as the education and meeting rooms on the second floor with large windows overlooking the gym and lobby below. (Photo credit: Albert Vecerka)



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