Tesla caught fire in North Park and authorities suspected arson

Tesla caught fire in North Park and authorities suspected arson



San Diego-Some residents of North Park said they were on high alert afterwards Earlier Monday, a Tesla caught fire morning.

Video from Sideo.TV shows that the car was engulfed by fire near the intersection of Capps Street and Utah Street at about 1:30 in the morning. It is not clear how the fire started, and the authorities are investigating it as an arson.

“It’s really intense,” said neighbor Mario’s Bryan. “I mean, we can feel the heat over there.”

The neighbors said it sounded like an explosion outside their door.

“I jumped out of bed,” said neighbor Greg Short. “It sounds like someone is actually trying to break in.”

People living nearby said this was one of several fires that broke out early on Monday morning, and other cars and trash cans also smoked. Short wanted to know if Tesla was overheating and might be on fire, but when talking to several other people, he said: “I think it’s obvious that someone might have set fire.”

“There are other fires nearby, so usually you don’t see this kind of thing here,” he said. “I usually don’t see people setting fires.”

O’Brien added that she wants investigators to “seize who did this and then find out what happened.”

“Because you know that the car will not explode without a little help,” she said.


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