High temperature and dry conditions pose challenges to vegetation

High temperature and dry conditions pose challenges to vegetation



San Diego-Tyler Bremner is a tree expert. This is what happened after 16 years of work.

Recently, he said there was a real problem.

A dry tree on display in Ramona, California, Monday, August 2, 2021.

“Yes, this guy should go,” Bremner approached a dead tree in Ramona on Monday afternoon. “You can see that the bark is peeling. It is completely dead. There are signs of pests, but there may be a 75% chance of being from drought. You can shake this thing and it’s ready.”

National Weather Service Monday morning High temperature warning issued in the 1990s On Wednesday night at 8 o’clock in the mountains. The National Weather Service recommends that from Tuesday morning to Wednesday night, desert areas, including Borrego Springs, will implement more severe overheating monitoring.

Meteorologists say that during this period, the highest thermometer readings will likely reach 114 to 120.

The Bureau of Meteorology advises people in the affected areas to drink plenty of water, avoid direct sunlight during hot days, wear light and loose clothing, and if possible, evacuate in air-conditioned buildings and conduct inspections where possible. -Risk relatives and neighbors.

Bremner’s company, The Treekeeper, specializes in tree removal, and it has been a busy year in warm and dry conditions. He said that the drought has hit young trees particularly hard.

He said that if they are not removed quickly, they can also pose a serious fire threat.

He said: “I don’t think anything has fallen from the sky.” “A lot of these trees depend on that source, but if you don’t water them manually, you will lose a lot of trees recently.”

Signs of overheating appear in many places in La Mona, including popular hiking trails.

“There are many people who bring huskies here, but they are not suitable for that kind of weather,” said hiker Emmy Sivadge. “The same goes for their feet, pitch.”

Sivadge insists that this is still “hiking weather.” As for fellow hiker Haley Braga, she said: “I might go to fetch water.”

Speaking of water, Bremner said homeowners should water 50-100% more this year.

“Due to the heat and drought, the situation is very bad now,” he said. “At this moment, I just pray for more rain.”


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